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On imagination and fantasizing

   Imagination.  Fantasizing.  Dreaming.  A very important 
   ingredient in the makeup of man.  It accounts for a great deal 
   in human behavior.  It is imagination and fantasizing that gets 
   people to buy beachhouses, yachts, expensive motorhomes, fancy 
   cars, go on expensive vacations and do lots of other things.  
   And most of the things that imagination and fantasy lead us 
   into end up being illusions, empty mirages.  We find out they 
   don't deliver what our imagination led us to think they would.  
   We find we have wasted our hard-earned money on things we 
   rarely use, on things that don't give us the pleasure we had 

   It is not that imagination and fantasizing is so bad for us.  
   They are what give color and hope to life.  They are what keep 
   us going.  But it is spending large sums of money on the 
   promptings of those fantasies that gets us into trouble.  We 
   lose good money which could provide us security later in life. 

   Oct 1985

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