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Key to finding happiness and emotional balance

   Q. What is the key to finding happiness, confidence and 
       emotional balance;  a happy outlook on life? 

   A. I think there are several keys but I think one of the most 
       essential ones is "liking people". 

   Q. How does one like people? (For a person who dislikes people, 
       has a lot of pent up anger and hostility toward people, 
       this is his immediate question.  He just naturally doesn't 
       like them and can't just change on command or because he 
       wants to). 

   A. I think the key to coming to like people is coming to like 
       yourself.  If you like yourself, are happy with yourself, 
       you start relaxing and just naturally start liking people. 

   Q. What is the key to liking yourself? 

   A. I think the key is an honest commitment to the path of 
       right, to doing right as you see it and know it, regardless 
       of what others may say or think.  Also, I think essential 
       keys are:  "knowing yourself";  true belief in the way you 
       are taking;  and accepting yourself as you are as far as 
       mental abilities and inabilities are concerned.  

   Nov 1977

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