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Effect of going God's way

   Q. What happens when a person decides to go God's way, starts 
       taking God seriously, following his teachings and spiritual 
       principles;  starts concerning himself with God's approval 
       only, forgetting about the acceptance and approval of 

   A. As we pursue Good, occupy ourselves with habitually 
       reflecting on that which is Good, Just and Right; as we 
       gradually come to appreciate the foolishness of Badness and 
       the value of Goodness; as we get our values and priorities 
       straightened out; as we come to be ourselves, understand 
       ourselves, appreciate what we really are and why; as we 
       come to the point where we can articulate why we are what 
       we are and why we are not what we are not; when we come to 
       this point we start to esteem ourselves, value ourselves, 
       as we ought to.  We come to be happy with ourselves, 
       content with ourselves.  We know God's way, the way to 
       which we are committed, is right and that we can defend it.  
       We have confidence and sureness of ourselves.  What society 
       may think or whether it accepts or rejects us, approves or 
       disapproves of us, doesn't bother us anymore.  Honesty, 
       righteousness, right values and right thinking do indeed 
       give confidence and boldness.  We know that there will be 
       many people who will reject us, disapprove of us, and 
       probably make fun of us, but it doesn't bother us.  Because 
       we know we are right.  We know God approves.  What does it 
       matter what man thinks?  We are totally convinced both 
       emotionally and intellectually, both in our heart and in 
       our mind, that we are right.  We become well balanced, 
       emotionally adjusted, spiritually healthy people. 

   Oct 1977

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