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God's Way Dispels Fear and Lack of Confidence

   Q.  "The wicked flee when no one pursueth; but the righteous are 
       bold as a lion." Prov 28:7   There is a lot of truth in 
       this statement isn't there?  Doesn't the way of Righteousness, 
       Honor, Integrity and Goodness tend to chase away Fear and lack 
       of confidence?  When you really become serious, earnest and 
       enthusiastic in pursuing the high way of Righteousness, 
       Goodness, etc. don't fears, lack of confidence, insecurity, 
       and other such things start fading away?  Why is this?  

   A.  They start fading away because your whole perspective and 
       outlook on life changes dramatically when you switch from 
       the low road to the high road.  Your priorities change.  
       What once seemed important no longer seems important.  Your 
       values are different.  As you renounce various kinds of sin 
       and pursue Righteousness, as you find yourself taking your 
       own independent path apart from that of the world, you come 
       gradually to a fuller and fuller appreciation that your 
       path is the right path;  and you come to a fuller and 
       fuller appreciation of how wrong and foolish the path that 
       the world is taking is.  You become confident.  You become 
       used to walking alone and the fact that everyone disagrees 
       with you, that the whole world (from your friends to all 
       the world's authorities and experts) disagree with you, 
       doesn't bother you at all.  You dance to a different 
       drummer.  And you know your drummer is the right one.  It 
       took a lot of courage when you first started but now the 
       going is easy.  You are what you are, you are serious about 
       serious things (God's things), you are concerned with the 
       approval of God only, and you just let the "cookies crumble 
       as they will" (if people don't like you for what you are, 
       if they don't like it because you don't go along with off-
       color humor, etc. that is their problem, not yours).  You 
       are different and you know that is exactly what God wants 
       you to be.  There are but few of you but you know you are 
       the "lights of the world", the "salt of the earth". 

   Q.  If the above is true isn't "going God's way" the solution 
       for the emotional problems that so many people have?  Isn't 
       it the "way out" for them? 

   A.  I believe it is.

   Nov 1977

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