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Mechanisms by which moral values are broken down

   Q. How are moral values subverted, broken down and corrupted?

   A. It happens by the following mechanisms:

      1. When you start listening to the counsel of the ungodly, 
          of the world ("Blessed is the man that walketh not in 
          the counsel of the ungodly ...  but his delight is in 
          the law of the Lord") 

      2. When the ways of the ungodly, the world, start becoming 
          attractive to you;  when you start being taken in and 
          deluded by the glamorizations and romanticizations of 
          sin as seen in the movies, on TV, etc.. 

      3. The first time (and each time) you seriously ask yourself 
          such questions as: "Does honesty really pay?", "What is 
          really wrong with sex outside marriage?", "What is 
          right?", "What is really wrong with a white lie?", "Is 
          there really any such thing as absolute truth or 
          absolute right?", etc. (i.e. the first and every time we 
          seriously doubt or question any of God's spiritual 
          principles or laws). 

   Nov 1977

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