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Neglected children

A year and a half ago a middle aged single Latin lady that my wife worked with, a hairdresser by the name of Pas (who is an illegal immigrant from El Salvador), paid a “coyote” a few thousand dollars to bring her two teenage daughters up to the USA. Some of Pas’s American customers knew about it and, after the daughters arrived, were showering them with clothes and taking them sightseeing. They came up just before schools opened in September and both daughters were immediately enrolled in school. Well, Pas worked long hours, from 9 AM to often around 10 PM, and was very aggressive in grabbing customers (grabbing from other hairdressers), would do anyone even if she didn’t know how to do the hairdo they wanted, and was just very selfish, grasping, money oriented. She was never at home and her daughters were mostly left to their own devices. My wife was soon hearing rumors that the oldest daughter had dropped out of school was out on the streets doing who knows what. (Neither daughter knew English and I would think that going to school where classes are taught in a language you don’t know would be very frustrating for anyone.) There is a huge population of illegal Latins in this area and the daughter had presumably found some Latin friends that she was spending her days with. Well, several months ago Pas suddenly just stopped coming in to work. She just disappeared. Word about what had happened came through her former landlord. He told the beauty shop owner the police had arrived one day and taken her and her two daughters to the police station in connection with a murder. In fact her oldest daughter had gotten involved in the very vicious MS-13 gang and she and several gang members had murdered a young fellow in nearby park, chopped him up in pieces, and then taken the body to a point 30 miles from here to dispose of it. We haven’t heard more from Pas. The murder was in all the local news.

Neglected children. Unloved children. Unwanted children. Working parents leaving their children in the hands of babysitters and schools. Adults who just don’t care much. Adults whose main preoccupations in this life are money and self-indulgence (i.e. money, food, and sex). When I was a boy I never felt unloved. I always assumed my parents loved me. I assumed all parents loved their children. I have always assumed that. Now I am starting to think that the way I think and feel may be galaxies away from the way most people in the western world think and feel and am wondering if my assumption that most parents really care about their children is true. Their natural appetites and desires and pursuit of pleasure just naturally saddle them with children and that is how they end up with them. Then both parents have jobs and big houses and lots of bills and they need the big inflow of money and the children are put with some babysitter or child care facility. Then when the children get older there is the school system that will babysit them. Americans have a quick and easy solution to every problem. For children the solution is some kind of institution or facility where they can deposit them. The “good life” is more important to them than their children.

If you have ever traveled in Latin America you will realize that there are just endless multitudes of really poor people living in Latin America. It is a whole different world down there. There are just oceans of poor people down there. It is not at all surprising that large numbers down there would do almost anything to come up here. Compared with down there, money just grows on trees up here. Jobs and money are just so much easier to acquire up here. There are millions of Latin illegals up here right now and they just keep flowing in and they are changing America. I suggest that the vast majority of these illegal immigrants are from very poor backgrounds and are mostly very poorly educated. The vast majority probably grew up in a house that was not much above a brick-walled shack (a lifestyle possible in a tropical country) and their education probably consists of a few years of a very poor grade of education. When people like that come up here they work at bottom of the line jobs and invariably get paid in cash (i.e they are invisible to the government and pay no income tax). The illegitimate child rate in most countries of Latin America is around 65% to 75% and Latin cultural attitudes tend to be very loose in regard to sexual promiscuity. So they reproduce vigorously. Most who come up here either work very hard for long hours or they find a way to get on our welfare system. How can a single woman with five children work at a low paying job and also take care of her children? She can’t. You don’t want the children to starve to death so you put her on welfare. They are in urgent need of medical attention and don’t have insurance. Are you going to let them die? So you give them free medical care. There are millions upon millions of people in Latin America who would do anything for that kind of nice treatment. What happens when these kinds of people come up here? They want a nice home and all the comforts that they see everyone else enjoying, including all their Latin friends. So money and material things becomes all-important to them. Money becomes their God. Children becomes a distant second priority. A young woman has a baby. She has a job. She doesn’t want to give up her job. So she does like all other Americans do. She puts it with a babysitter or child care facility.

Institutions and childcare facilities replacing parents in raising children. That is the modern way. The parents are busy making money. And you end up with neglected children. And neglected, unloved children will likely be unhappy, angry, confused, messed-up children. And they will have a problem-filled life. And they will bring financial costs for the country.

Neglected children. Unwanted children. Sexual promiscuity. Sexual promiscuity has costs. America is sowing to the wind and she will reap the whirlwind.

Feb 2018

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