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Today’s liberal left is like a big Gay Pride parade

When I graduated from grade school upon finishing the 8-th grade, I entered high school. In doing this I passed from the environment of the small one-room country school with one teacher and around 25 students to a high school with around 1000 students. It was a radical change and one that I didn’t like at all. Suddenly I was just a number in a very cold system. One could say that when I entered high school I entered the real world. Up through the eight grade my entire world was just my life with my mother, father, brother, and sister on the farm, the environment of the country school, and church. Church and religion were a big part of our life. We went to church Sunday morning and evening and usually also went to the Thursday evening prayer service. I read the Bible seriously and was serious about my religion. When I entered high school I soon realized that I represented a very small minority in a country that didn’t take Christianity very seriously, that sort of turned up its nose at religion. I knew of no one in my high school that shared my religious faith. In high school I was a loner. A person who takes God seriously is necessarily a loner in this world. No one who is nonreligious can understand the heart and mind of the believer. They are two totally different minds. You cannot really understand or empathize with someone who thinks and feels totally differently than you. Others knew I was religious. I knew the Bible well and was not afraid to stand up for my beliefs. On more than one occasion an atheistic type of teacher made comments or threw challenges in a class and I stood up and read some passages from the Bible. At that time I realized that I lived in a society that was mostly non-believing, non-religious. (Later in college I met a few Christians that I associated with.) So, going all the way back to my high school days, I have understood that I do not live in a Christian country. It might be Christian in name but true believers are few. Now, having said all this, let us now consider today’s America. If the masses of the 1950's were mostly non-religious, I think the most of the people of that period still knew right from wrong — especially the older people. The Judeo-Christian ethic was still there as a standard. The Reality of today’s America with all the shocking positions and stances of the liberal left, all the acceptance of homosexuality, all of the moral inversion in values, is something that I would never have imagined with my wildest imagination when I was younger. If someone had told me it would happen, I would never have believed him. I wouldn’t have believed it was possible for people to be such fools, to be so void of understanding. What has happened in America is, for me, just mind-blowing. I would never have believed that a person could ever become so corrupt, so depraved, so low, so bad. What happened? How do you explain it? Those older more conservative generations died off and were replaced with younger generations with radically different outlooks, attitudes and values. The Judeo-Christian standards and values have evaporated. Liberal religion, Hollywood, television, modern liberal thought has produced a tremendous transformation in outlooks, attitudes and values. A thought just occurred to me today. Sometime in the past I have seen video clips of Gay Pride parades. In them you see people in costumes or dress (or lack of dress) engaging in conduct that is just so shocking, so depraved, shameless, and outlandish, that it is just very hard to fathom. It just overwhelms all senses. It is bizarre, crazy, unreal. It is just so totally sick, it is hard to believe. Well, that is America today. Today’s liberal left is a big Gay Pride parade. And so many people in America are supporting this big Gay Pride parade with all of its in-your-face obscenities that you have to pinch yourself for a Reality check. The Supreme court voting in favor of homosexual marriage. The owners of a bakery in Oregon being fined $135,000 for refusing to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple. That is just a sample. And the American people just take it all in stride. They are more concerned about football games than morality. In a moral, God-fearing country the populace would be totally outraged by all of this and liberals wouldn’t stand a chance at winning any election. But modern America is not a moral, God-fearing country. The topics of political discussion move from one thing to another but never touch on sexual morality. Morality, Goodness, Right just doesn’t concern people. A person’s moral conduct is no-one’s business. That is the attitude. Presidents come and go who are totally depraved and shameless. Who cares? The schools are teaching young school children that homosexuality is just fine and normal. Who cares? Our children are being schooled in the acceptance of moral depravity. Who cares? People just don’t care. Using things like television, Hollywood, the music industry Satan has perverted the heart and mind of modern man. And with the internet we now have all of this pornography. It is big, really big here in America. Most of our population is probably looking at it. But in a nation that has forgotten God and has heartily embraced all the ways of Satan, what would you expect?

The homosexuals are trying to force their acceptance, agendas and outlooks on America. The homosexuals have a huge amount of money, power and influence in America. They are succeeding. America is very open-minded, very tolerant. There is no God anyway and who is to say what is right or wrong? Well, the Bible tells us that God in great anger rained fire and brimstone on Sodom and Gomorrah, reducing them to ash, because of their great wickedness (the sin of homosexuality). See Genesis 18:20 - 19:27 And it tells us that this incident should be taken as a warning by people:

Jude 7 ... as Sodom and Gomorrah, and the cities around them in a similar manner to these, having given themselves over to sexual immorality and gone after strange flesh, are set forth as an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire.

But America doesn’t take God seriously. Neither did Sodom and Gomorrah.

The mind, mentality of the liberal left resembles a big Gay Pride parade. The outlooks, attitudes, and values of the liberal left, the mentality and mind of the liberal left, sound suspiciously like the gay mind to me. Perhaps that is because the gays wield so much power and influence in the liberal left and what we are seeing is the gay mind on display. My intuition is telling me that it is homosexuals that are pulling the strings and wielding the power in the liberal left today. And if they are not actually pulling the strings, their outlooks and attitudes have so permeated the left that their agenda is fully implemented in the left’s agenda. Confrontation, accusation, in-your-face obscenity. That is the liberal left. Hatred, abuse, accusation, trouble-making is the hallmark of the left. People filled with hatred. Hatred of the rich, hatred of whites by non-whites, hatred of Christians, hatred instigated between the sexes, etc. Goodness and Decency has been replaced by all kinds of Ugliness — by Lust, Hatred, Strife, Envy, Jealousy, Depravity and every evil. Satan’s hand is everywhere. Satan loves Depravity and Wickedness and hates Goodness and Virtue. Satan hates God and Christians, true Christians (but some of his most ardent disciples are apostate Christians).

Good and Evil are irreconcilable. God and Satan are irreconcilable. Dialogue and mutual discussion between Good and Evil is a waste of time.

   The wicked plots against the just,

    And gnashes at him with his teeth.

                               Psalm 37:12

Oct 2017

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