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The land of Nombe

Cultural outlooks, cultural values, cultural mentalities run deep and form great divides between different cultures, different peoples. They account for far more than is commonly understood or appreciated. For example, consider the Germanic cultures of countries like Germany, Norway, Sweden and other countries of northern Europe as opposed to the Latin cultures of southern Italy, Spain, etc. of southern Europe. Anyone who has traveled in Europe cannot help but be struck by the stark differences. The people of northern Europe seem to have one set of personality traits and the people of southern Europe have a very different set. The Germanic peoples of northern Europe distinguish themselves by being hardworking, well organized, methodical, orderly, clean, etc.. In Germany trains run on time, everything is in order and punctual. In southern Europe nothing is done on time, nothing is in order, all is disorder. People just have different concepts and attitudes concerning time. And they have very different concepts and attitudes in regard to work. (And the countries of Latin America, due to being colonized by Spain and Portugal, have the same cultural outlooks and attitudes as the people of Spain and Portugal — they have been molded by the Latin culture and its outlooks.) Now let us note this: One particular personality trait, the trait of being hard working, industrious, diligent, has a particularly big impact on a person’s life. A personality trait is a habit and this habit of industriousness acting continually over a long period of time, starting in the years of youth and acting through a person’s entire life, gives gigantic dividends. It can have a huge impact on a person’s intellectual development and can make a huge difference in regard to what a person accomplishes in life, in regard to the details of a person’s life. And if the habit is a national trait, it can make a gigantic difference in how rapidly the country develops. One just cannot underestimate the huge role that cultural outlooks and values play in this world, especially relating to the trait of industriousness.

Now I am going to tell a story. The story is going to be highly politically incorrect. However, my interest is always truth, not political correctness.

There was a land called Nombe. There were two races of people who lived in Nombe, the Casites who were a white race and the Semians, a black race. The Casites were in the majority with about 80% of the population. The Casites had their culture, their set of attitudes, outlooks and values, and the Semians had their own very different culture. The Casites were a very hard working, industrious, organized, methodical people and the Semians were a very lazy, idle, indolent people (i.e. a people who loved music and dancing but with little inclination for work or for studying in school). The Casite children studied hard in school, took learning seriously, and in adulthood, were preferred by employers for jobs. They tended to have the best jobs, make the most money, and, as a group, were much more affluent than the Semians. The Semians were jealous and resentful of the Casites and claimed that they were being discriminated against because of the color of their skin. (In fact, the Casites had come to associate black skin with laziness, ignorance, and immoral conduct. However, had the Semians been a hardworking people who studied hard, did well in school, and showed moral character, the Casites would likely have respected them as much as anyone and hired them for jobs). Well, anger and resentment built among the Semians and finally there were big demonstrations that evolved into riots in which the Semians started burning down cities in protest. After these big riots the government of Nombe passed some laws to appease the Semians. The Semians had asserted that they were being unfairly discriminated against. The Casites accepted the Semian charges as valid and passed a number of anti-discrimination laws making it illegal to discriminate against anyone in regard to hiring, renting, etc. due to the color of his skin. They did more than this. They also passed affirmative action laws. These affirmative action laws actually required that employers give preference to the Semites over the Casites when hiring. In effect they were laws employing reverse discrimination, employing discrimination against the Casites. Fifty years after these laws were passed the economic condition of the Semians was still not much improved. As a group they were still poor. They still comprised the most of the population of the nation’s ghettos and were the main group on government welfare. All the measures had helped them some, but not much. Their youth were still known for their tendencies toward idleness, crime and violence, with crime rates many times that of the Casites. They continued to do very badly in school. They continued to be known for their ignorance, laziness, and immorality. And they were still being given preference in hiring, in regard to college entrance, etc. Casites continued to see Semians placed ahead of them, up at the head of the various queues pertaining to hiring, college entrance, etc. The honest, hardworking, deserving Casite continued to see himself losing out to the less qualified Semian when applying for jobs, etc.. The list of applicants for a job presented to a middle manager continued to lack any Casite applicants, having only Semite applicants. Highly dysfunctional offices staffed solely by undereducated Semites continued to be a fact of life throughout the land. Employers, out of pressures to be “politically correct”, continued to support the affirmative action programs motivated by the lofty objective of lifting up the “downtrodden”.

Note. I do not condone discrimination against anyone simply because of the color of his skin. I don’t condone the Jim Crow laws that enforced discrimination against Negroes in the American South. However, things are often far more complicated and less clear than they seem or are presented.


Aug 2017

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