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America, lost to Goodness, lost to God

I attended a small, one room country school from grades one through eight, age six to fourteen. It was a mile and a half from home and I walked to and from school. After school I would have farm chores to do, mainly things like helping feeding, bedding and milking twenty four milk cows. Before doing the farm chores, however, there were several radio programs I would listen to. Straight Arrow, Sergeant Preston of the Yukon, Lone Ranger, and Sky King are some that I remember. I would get home from school around 4:30 and listen to them from around 4:30 - 6:30. After milking the cows we would have supper. Then after supper I would watch TV with my father and younger brother. I remember we would watch boxing on Wednesday and Friday evenings, wrestling on certain days, and sometimes football. For me these were innocent days. Both radio and television were clean. There was no bad language, no indecent innuendoes, no indecency of any kind. They reflected, at that time, the Christian value system. It was easy for me at that time to believe in the basic goodness and decency of people in general, believe that most people were more or less like myself, with the same general values and outlooks. The general image that the mass media presented of people in general at that time was one of goodness and decency. Given all this it was easy for me to believe in the goodness of my country. How things have changed from that time! Little by little, step by step. The great sexual revolution. First Elvis Presley, then the hippie movement with all its free love, then the condoning and acceptance of homosexuality. Americans have really revealed themselves, shown what they really are, what they are made of, over the past fifty years. That is all I can say. How can any good person in this day and age, any person who knows right from wrong, have a good opinion of people in general today? Good people do not accept indecency and moral depravity. It is that simple. And depravity of the order of homosexuality? What do you think? Americans have degenerated into animals. How can any good person have a good opinion of America today? When a society condones high depravity, that is depravity. When people no longer know right from wrong, that is depravity. If a person does wrong and is sorry that he has done wrong, there is hope for him. His conscience is still intact. But if he does wrong and then rationalizes his behavior, defends it, refuses to admit that it is wrong, perverting his own mind and heart, then he is lost to Goodness, lost to God.

I now compare people to dogs. There are good dogs and there are bad dogs. I was thinking the other day that I have known dogs for which I have had a very high regard — a far better regard than I have of most people. I have known dogs which I would describe as “very good dogs”. I admire goodness, whether it is in a dog or a human. Goodness wins my heart. Dogs are human-like in many ways. They have personalities. They have character traits as do people, can be very intelligent, and can exhibit goodness, integrity and character. I had known dogs that I would trust far more than I would any person. I believe that animals, in general, never sink to the depths of depravity that so many people do. Why would this be? Well, first they don’t use things like alcohol and drugs — substances that muddle their senses and lead them into substance dependence and foolish behavior. Second, they don’t have the influence of godless intellectuals, liberal theologians, a liberal mass media, Hollywood, and the crowd who pervert their thinking and lead them down roads of intellectual foolishness. They just use their common sense and that keeps them on the right road. The mind of man is capable of tremendous foolishness. Man has within him an amazing capacity for self-deception. He has within him an amazing capacity for messing himself up.

When the sympathies of a society are with the depraved and wicked and its biases are against the Moral and Upright, what does that tell one?


How can anyone respect any society that has descended into slavery to its most base appetites and inclinations?

America, lost to Goodness, lost to God. The entire western world, lost to Goodness, lost to God.

May 2017

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