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Modern liberalism is highly dishonest, highly deceitful, not to be trusted at all

Modern liberalism is highly dishonest, highly deceitful, not to be trusted at all. The police departments in Sweden being instructed by governmental authorities not to report the ethnicity of perpetrators of crimes. Now what do you suppose would have motivated these kinds of instructions? The pressure on German police departments by higher authority to cover up the rape attacks on German women by Moslems in Cologne, Germany on New Year’s eve. What do you think lay behind that? The liberal governments of both Sweden and Germany have had the policy of taking in huge numbers of Moslem immigrants. This policy is due to their liberal “politically correct” view that all religions are good and that there ought not be any discrimination against anyone based on religion or ethnicity in regard to immigration. Their basic assumption is that these Moslems will become integrated into their society and all will become one big, happy family. Then when problems arise as a consequence of these liberal immigration policies they don’t want the public to know about it. The liberal left has its ideology and its agenda. The liberal left is not interested in Truth. Liberal politicians do not want to hear, and they don’t want anyone else to hear, any inconvenient facts that would bring into question the validity of their ideology, their assumptions, their agenda. They don’t want honest, fact-oriented discussion. The politically correct liberal view is that all religions are good, all religions are the same, and that any discrimination against any religious or ethnic group is just simply wrong. That is a basic assumption of the liberal left and they are not willing to question that assumption or allow it to be questioned. They are dogmatic about it. Just like they are dogmatic about the basic assumption that it is morally wrong to discriminate against anyone because of his sexual orientation or preference. They don’t want to hear any facts that challenge their basic assumptions and dogma. All of this high dishonesty and deception is going on all over the western world, in all the countries where liberalism is in ascendency i.e. most of western Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia, etc. In all these countries the news media are highly liberal and highly biased, highly dishonest. They report those news stories that support their own liberal views and ignore any news that doesn’t. And they are not at all above a bit of distortion of fact. The masses are mostly naive, gullible; believing the liberal line. The liberals represent a welfare mentality, a socialist (take from the rich and give to the poor), anti-rich mentality. This idea goes over well with the masses, so the masses vote liberal. The liberals get their power from the naive, the gullible. Now let me ask this question: What happens, in general, when a person is stubborn, unwilling to listen to reason, unwilling to face facts? Bad things happen to him. I believe bad things are going to happen to the West because of all this liberal foolishness. The liberals are not using their heads, not being sensible.

The assumption that Islam is basically a good, benevolent, peaceful religion similar to Christianity is just not true. Islam is not similar to Christianity. Many Moslems may indeed be good, peaceful people but the Moslem religion is based in the Koran and the Koran is just not a good, benevolent, peaceful book. It is a book of anger and vindictiveness against all non-Moslems. It preaches kindness and mercy toward fellow Moslems and the sword and fire for all non-Moslems. It teaches that Moslems must not associate with non-Moslems, must not make friendships with them. All those politicians who say that Islam is a good, peaceful religion have not read the Koran. They are saying that which is deemed politically correct or what is politically expedient (due to the West’s dependence on Arab oil) or what some dishonest Moslems may publically assert, but not what is true. All of this propensity for murder and mayhem that is ascribed by the West to Islamic fundamentalists (viewed as minority extremists) comes right from their holy book, the Koran. Many Moslems may be quite secular and not too close to the outlooks of the Koran but a very large portion of Moslem clerics are very fundamentalist in their outlooks, clinging close to the Koran. I don’t believe that large populations of Moslems will ever coexist peacefully with Christians. Islam is a very intolerant religion and when the number of Moslems becomes sufficiently large, when they have sufficient power in a country, you will see their intolerance and their violent inclinations. They are not the kind of people who will coexist with anyone but other Moslems and they are often not even able to coexist with Moslems of a different sect (consider the Sunni v.s. Shia biases and hatreds). The “politically correct” view of the liberal West in regard to Islamic types is not a correct or sensible view. The large Moslem populations in the countries of Europe and elsewhere are going to bring severe future problems. You don’t see, and will never see, Christian suicide bombers blowing up huge numbers of people in the name of God. Jesus taught strict non-violence. He placed great emphasis on avoiding argument and strife. Non-violence is certainly not an Islamic belief or teaching. What world religion has the reputation for fighting, strife, violence and cruelty that Islam has? Regarding Moslems as though they are basically equivalent to Christians, with the same tendencies, is foolishness. Allowing the immigration of people who are basically just a different sect of Christianity, as has been the case for most western nations in the past, is one thing. Allowing the immigration of people who are so radically different and hostile to Christianity is another.

Apr 2017

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