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The fallacy in the western socialistic welfare model

I was watching a YouTube video on poverty in Hong Kong a couple days ago. A liberal reporter was interviewing a Hong Kong businessman, asking why Hong Kong was so stingy in providing welfare benefits to the poor. The reply of the businessman has stuck in my mind. He said that in Chinese tradition the family took care of the elderly and family members in need. He then stated that this system is cheaper than a system of government welfare by a factor of 10, or 100, or even a 1000 times. I have been thinking about this statement. Is his statement true? I believe it is true. Why would it be true? It is true for several reasons. First, government is always extremely inefficient. It is very easy for government officials to spend other people’s money and there is always a great deal of waste when they do it (they treat money the way people treat water when they have an endless supply of it). In the West liberals are always pointing to one problem or another with the argument that the government has been negligent, that the government should have been trying to fix the problem. The government is the great savior, the power that can fix everything. That is the liberal mind. The government is that great power that can fix everything. They have an unbounded faith in the power of government. That the government is supposed to fix everything is the first assumption liberals make. Then a second assumption that they make is that the government is able to solve all problems. And a third assumption liberals make is that government is some great entity with an endless supply of money. Well, not all problems are solvable, let alone by some government program. ( I think most are not solvable by any government program. But politicians will promise to solve them to gain votes.). I would also point out that the very idea of the government helping classes of people in one way or another is of socialist origin. To help Jack you must take money from Joe i.e. the idea involves wealth transfer from one group of people to another (the government has no money of its own — it must take money from someone to do anything it does). And when you understand that when such wealth transfers take place there is a whole lot of overhead and a whole lot of waste you can understand why the process is very inefficient. I suggest that the western liberal welfare model is deeply flawed. I suggest that it will bring economic collapse to the West. In the end it will become understood that it just doesn’t work. Attempts at Communism have shown that. All our welfare programs are in deep trouble for good reason. It is just human nature for a person to consider all his options and to choose that option that seems best to him. The vast majority of people will choose the option that is easiest, most pleasurable, gives the least pain. Most people, if offered government help, will take it. And they will take all they can get, all they can figure out how to get, even if they need to lie to do it. But if there is no possibility of government help, they will tighten their belt and figure out how to make do. They will learn to work hard, learn deep frugality, learn to live on what they have. They will meet the adversities of life and become better people for it. Socialistic systems make people soft, infantile; transform them into children unable to take care of themselves. Modern welfare is doing people no favors. It weakens them, ruins their character. Such systems do people great damage, create more problems than they solve.

Liberal leftist politicians are always trying to get votes by saying they will solve one social problem or another by some government program or another. In this they deceive the gullible, naive, and foolish. For them, government help is the answer. But “government help” is really just a euphemism for taking from Paul and giving to Peter, a questionable practice. And that always involves a lot of foolishness and waste. And if one considers the horrendous size of the national debts of most of the western countries, how close so many countries are to bankruptcy, the role that the socialistic welfare model has played in creating these great debts, one can guess at the endgame for it all. It is western socialistic mentality that is responsible for these gigantic debts. The whole problem lies in the Western mind – it just thinks wrong. It lacks in understanding. Why does it think wrong? The reason is all that liberal indoctrination in schools, the powerful influence of the liberal mass media, etc. The liberals have it all figured out. They know just how everything should be, just how everything ought to be fixed. Well, mostly they don’t know how to fix it and one big blind spot they have is cost. The huge debts the West has run up shows that. Greece in big trouble with Italy, Spain and Portugal not far behind. The US with a gigantic national debt that could never possibly be repaid. What would it take to bring these great financial houses of cards crashing to the ground? What kind of impetus? And when they fall, what will we have then?

Apr 2017

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