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Dating in non-western countries

According to the YouTube video


            Finding Love in Japan            YouTube

a third of Japan’s youth have never been in a relationship. A large portion of young Japanese single men are very shy of girls, have never dated a girl, and are afraid to ask a girl for a date for fear of rejection. A similar situation exists in China, I understand. There are a great number of young Chinese men and women who have never dated. I can identify with all of this. Fear of asking a girl for a date was one of the big frustrations of my youth. Up until I was in my mid 20's I was very shy around any girl that I liked, any that I found attractive and was interested in (I wasn’t shy around the rest). It is true that I was very picky and there was probably not one girl in a hundred that interested me. Also, I knew that it was imprudent to get involved with a girl until I was out of college and had a job — so that restrained me. But, nonetheless, until I was in my mid 20's, I was unable to summon the courage to ask a girl for a date for fear of rejection. And that is very frustrating! My fear of rejection was probably well based. If I was interested in only one girl in a hundred and other people are as picky as I, what are the odds of finding someone who would say yes? Just any attractive girl wouldn’t have been acceptable. I wanted one who I found not only attractive (figure and face) but one who was decent, moral, and good. That is a big order. It was a big order then. It would be a lot bigger order now (attractiveness and immorality often go together). I think it is very sad, however, that people are unable to find life mates. I think everyone needs a companion in his journey through life. Not for sex — for companionship. Everyone needs a friend in this life. My friend is my wife. I am very thankful for her.

This situation in Japan, China and probably many other countries of the non-western world shows that not all of the world is so morally depraved as the USA and most other countries of the West. In the USA children are engaging in promiscuous sex by the time they reach high school and morality and virginity is a joke. By the time they get up into their 20's there are not likely to be many attractive virgins around.

It must be said in fairness that by regional custom in many non-western countries (Islamic countries, India, China) women may be treated more like property than human beings. A father may commit his five year old daughter to some arranged marriage and then she is later forced into that marriage whether she likes it or not. It is as if the father owns her, can do whatever he wants with her, can sell her at the best price. Her new husband may then bang her around, beat her, abuse her, do whatever he wants with her and she has no recourse and nowhere to go. The laws are all on the side of the men and against women. Women are held down by custom and law. In such cases the father has an incentive to make sure his daughter remains a virgin because if she loses her virginity she then becomes damaged merchandise.

Mar 2017

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