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Connection between the hippie generation and the great moral collapse of America

How do we understand that great moral collapse that has occurred in America over the last 50 years? A collapse so great that the country has now sunk so low that she is now accepting a sin of such proportions as homosexuality as morally acceptable — and has even instituted homosexual marriage. I think that to understand it one needs to turn one’s eyes back to that great movement of the late 1960's and early 1970's called the “hippie movement”. It was a shocking time in our country when great hordes of young people (hundreds of thousands) all over the country were suddenly selling their souls out to Satan --- living in communes and engaging in great orgies of drugs,  alcohol, and free sex — abandoning themselves to high depravity and debauchery. It was a great counterculture movement (i.e. an anti-Bible, anti-Judeo-Christian ethic movement) that swept America. At that time the Haight-Ashbury district in San Francisco came to have a meaning synonymous with this “hippie movement”. Today San Francisco is thought of as a great heart and center of homosexuality. Through this hippie movement Satan raised for himself a gigantic army of followers. I suggest that for the last fifty years it has been this great army of followers of Satan, this hippie generation, who have exerted ever increasing influence and who are now holding positions of great influence and power all over America — in politics, government, the mass media, schools and universities, corporations, etc. It is they who have perverted America, duped it. It is they and their disciples who are morally perverting our school children, starting at the earliest age. It is they who are destroying America. They and all the cowards who have kept silent, afraid to stand up to them. Their outlooks and values have melded with those of modern socialism to give us the modern Left of today with all its “politically correct” ideas. It is they who are the ultra-liberals of today. I can name some American presidents who, I would say, are part of that hippie movement. Once people sell themselves out to Satan by conduct of such great depravity, there are not many who will repent of their sins and come back to God. Mostly, they are lost to God, lost to Virtue, lost to Goodness. Satan seems to be holding all the strings of power in America today. He is now king. Under the presidency of Barack Obama we have gotten a small glimpse of what liberalism is all about. He brought us homosexual marriage. He has been a great champion for homosexuality. Liberalism and moral depravity are closely connected. Liberalism and Satan are closely connected. Glib, smooth talk can be highly deceptive. You know what people really are by their actions. You can’t trust their words.

We have now elected Donald Trump as president. That is certainly a turn for the better. But I am still a skeptic. I hope he can deliver. But I still have little hope for America. America has been morally perverted. It is not easy to correct that.

Dec 2016

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