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Which countries of the world are the most sexually promiscuous?

Which countries of the world are the most sexually promiscuous?

According to a survey of over 14,000 people in 48 countries, Finland, New Zealand, and Slovenia are at the top of the list. The survey asked respondents to consider seven questions related to sex. Some questions were factual: how many sexual partners have you had in the past year and how many one-night stands have you had? Other questions were about attitudes to sex: is sex without love acceptable, or sex with casual partners? From the answers, the researchers compiled an index of promiscuity for respondents from each country.

Source: "Sociosexuality from Argentina to Zimbabwe: A 48-nation study of sex, culture, and strategies of human mating", by David Schmitt at Bradley University,


The complete rankings:

1. Finland 50.5

2. New Zealand 47.69

3. Slovenia 46.26

4. Lithuania 46.1

5. Austria 45.73

6. Latvia 43.93

7. Croatia 42.98

8. Israel 40.95

9. Bolivia 40.9

10. Argentina 40.74

11. United Kingdom 40.17

12. Estonia 39.95

13. Germany 39.68

14. Netherlands 39.34

15. Morocco 39.31

16. Philippines 39.31

17. Switzerland 39.13

18. Fiji 38.58

19. Brazil 37.93

20. Czech Rep. 37.52

21. Australia 37.29

22. United States 37.05

23. France 36.67

24. Turkey 36.06

25. Mexico 35.69

26. Peru 34.59

27. Portugal 34.59

28. Canada 34.52

29. Italy 34.37

30. Poland 34.21

31. Serbia 34.21

32. Spain 33.72

33. Belgium 32.82

34. Congo, D.R. 32.43

35. Greece 32.38

36. Ukraine 32.27

37. Romania 32.1

38. Malta 31.27

39. Slovakia 29.55

40. Lebanon 28.57

41. Botswana 27.02

42. Ethiopia 26.55

43. Japan 24.1

44. Hong Kong 22.9

45. Zimbabwe 22.66

46. South Korea 22.21

47. Bangladesh 19.67

48. Taiwan 19.22


Dec 2016

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