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On the flood of political correctness that has so taken over the western world

A quote from Doug Casey, a financial writer:

I despise the wave of “politically correct” thought that’s washed over the world like a tidal wave of raw sewage. The average person only knows what he hears on television and reads in the newspapers, and most of what they know is wrong. As Mark Twain said, “If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed. If you do read the newspaper, you’re misinformed.”

I must say that I certainly do share Doug Casey’s sentiments on “political correctness”. I find that great flood of political correctness that has swept over the western world extremely disturbing. I just don’t understand it. I don’t understand how such a big portion of the people of the world could be so taken in by these kinds of ideas. How so many people could be so dull and foolish as to accept the ideas. I have long suspected that loss of moral knowledge affects a person’s ability to think right, that it perverts his power to reason correctly, perverts his good sense. Perhaps this is the explanation. These politically correct ways of thinking have made their way in a big way into law in many countries. This is highly disturbing! It is not like I am the only one who is shocked and disturbed by it. If you listen to people like Rush Limbaugh on conservative talk radio you realize that there are people in this world who do see things right, whose minds do work right. It seems to break down into conservatives versus liberals. The minds of the ultra-conservatives work right. The minds of the liberals are just far out. How do you explain that great gap between the conservative and the liberal? It must have something to do with reading. What is it that these liberals have read that has so affected their minds and judgment? They are completely outside my world and my mind. The mind of the conservative is based in reason, observation and a correct understanding of human nature. It seems to me that what the liberal lacks is understanding: understanding of human nature, understanding of life. Liberalism is like some really far-out radical, fanatical religious sect with really weird ideas. Liberals are so fanatical, so positive, so sure of themselves. And they are so determined to force their ways and ideas on everyone else. What kind of foolishness has gotten into them to cause them to act this way? Their minds have been addled by too much reading. They have bought into a lot of foolish assumptions that has wrought this great work. And they cling to their foolish ideas like fanatics. They are ruled by some kind of foolish, erroneous doctrine and dogma instead reason and good sense.

Liberalism has all the earmarks of a cult. And their power to deceive the masses is just amazing. The power they have acquired in America, in our educational system, in the mass media, in politics, etc. is astounding. They have had some outside help. Where do you suppose that help came from? It didn’t come from God. God doesn’t bring us things like homosexual marriage. People are fools. They follow smooth talkers like sheep.

My idea of liberals: angry, nasty, highly deceitful trouble makers. I don’t think any of them like themselves very well. And probably for good reason.

Dec 2016

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