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America is a licentious, depraved Sodom

Moral. 1. Of good character or disposition; right or proper in behavior; righteous. 2. Sexually virtuous; chaste.


Licentious. Lacking in moral restraint; sexually abandoned; lewd.

Depraved. Morally debased; corrupt.

Jaded. 1. Worn out; exhausted. 2. Dulled as from overindulgence; sated.

Wholesome. Favorable to virtue and well-being; salutary; sound; beneficial: wholesome entertainment.

                                                                                    Funk & Wagnalls Dictionary

People vary very widely on what kind of person they are, what their outlooks, attitudes and values are, how they live and behave. There are many indicators that give hints about what kind of person someone is. Is he an honest, good, god-fearing person? A chaste person of integrity? Is he a debauched tramp? A person may not realize it, but observation of a person’s appearance and conduct can give away a lot of information about him.

The personal appearance of a person can give away a lot of information about him. If he is big, fat, and obese that tells us something about him. If he is trim, that tells something about him. If a woman is wearing a short, tight skirt, displaying her legs and body curves, and with breasts that are much exposed, that tells us something about her. If she always dresses very modestly, that reveals something about her. If she is a neat dresser, that tells something about her. If she dresses sloppily, that tells something about her. If a woman wears no makeup (or uses so little as to appear to have no makeup), that tells us something about her. If she uses so much makeup that she looks cheap, that tells us something else about her. If a man has long hippie style hair, that tells something about him. If he has a feminine looking hair style that tells something about him. If he looks and acts very feminine, that tells something about him. If he wears earrings, that says something about him. If a man or woman is sporting tattoos, that says something about him.

The things a person does gives information about him. If he watches unwholesome, risque type TV entertainment, or reads unwholesome type books, that says something about him. If he only watches wholesome, decent type programs and only reads wholesome books, that tells something about him. If he uses a lot of bad, indecent language or blasphemy, that says something about him. If he is inclined to risque humor, that tells something about him.

All of these bits of information represent clues as to what a person is inside.

An honest, good, decent, moral person is restrained in how he dresses, how he speaks, and the things he does. It may not be possible to positively identify a good, moral person by these indicators on appearance, conduct and language, but one can identify that large portion of people who are not restrained by modesty of dress, or by decency in language, or by decency in conduct, as being morally corrupt. Their conduct reveals them as people who have personally rejected morality, goodness and virtue.

Until the late 1960's, television entertainment was mostly quite consistently wholesome. After the 1960's it started becoming unwholesome and depraved.

America is a licentious, depraved Sodom. A very large portion of the people of America, especially in the younger generations, show those signs associated with moral corruption. They show it in their dress, they show it in their language and conduct, they show it in the tattoos that such a large portion of them display on their arms or legs or on other parts of their body. They have personally rejected morality and goodness. A great many live very degraded lives and carry a very jaded look. They have rejected God and religion. They are followers of badness and evil, followers of Satan. Fifty years of depraved, debauched television programming and fifty years of liberal brainwashing in our schools has brought a great transformation in America. It has created a people devoid of morals.

I believe that the people of any of the major religions, be they Hindu, Buddhist, Moslem, Confucian, Shinto, Jewish, or whatever, know the difference between moral, good conduct and immoral, bad conduct. They know the difference between a good, moral person and an immoral, bad person. People of all religions know what moral depravity is. And it is not good. Americans tend to think the only thing that is important is money. Americans have lost their morality and just don’t understand how important that thing is that they have lost.

Moral depravity and corruption in America extends all the way from the bottom to the top. The immoral and wicked are now in power in America. Wickedness reigns and is now openly supported by the supreme law of the land. If the upright, godly, moral man dares to stand up for what is right, he is cut down, he loses his job, he is punished. The wicked rule and the good are beaten down.

Can one watch the wicked and depraved being exalted and the just, good, moral man cut down and trampled and say nothing? Can one watch a great crime being committed against a good man and stay silent? How can a person of integrity, a person with a conscience, just watch and stay silent? Is there not something in one that demands that one, at the very least, say something? Is silence not great cowardice? Is it not almost like complicity?

Oct 2016

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