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What is wrong with socialism?

For many, many years now (probably at least forty or fifty years) America’s colleges and universities have been hotbeds of liberalism. Liberal professors have been teaching students that socialism and Marxism/Leninism is superior to capitalism. And now, guess what? A large portion of our younger generation is favorably inclined toward socialism. Young people are easily influenced. Is it any surprise that this has happened? I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the future of America could be a Communist state. Yes, even with all of Communism’s failures in different countries of the world, with all the evidence that Communism doesn’t work, with all the evidence against it, I think it could happen. False ideas spread like a disease. False religions and ideologies propagate like wildfire. Fools are a dime a dozen. I personally have no confidence in people or their good sense or good judgment. The vast majority of people are not creatures of reason. They are creatures of fickle impulse. A person is unhappy with his government. So, in retaliation, he votes for a Communist. Why not give Communism a whirl? All it takes is a majority vote of the populace to turn the country in a new direction. The idea is disturbing to me.

What is wrong with socialism?

1. It doesn’t work well. Socialism calls for public ownership of land, factories, and other basic means of production and government management of resources in the form of central planning. Government management of resources is inherently highly inefficient in comparison to the free market system involving private enterprise. It leads to poor allocations, great waste; things like shortages of items like toothbrushes, toilet paper, milk, and bandages. Critical items become in short supply just because the central planners somehow got things wrong. Central planning simply can’t compete with the free enterprise system in regard to the efficient allocation of resources. The free enterprise system just does the job much more effectively and efficiently. It can be depended upon to reliably deliver to a populace the things they want in the approximate amounts they want. If allowed to work without government interference, it works very efficiently and well (if the government interferes with it as in price fixing, problems occur). The free enterprise system involves competition. Competition produces efficiencies.

There is another very important reason socialism doesn’t work well. It is this: Government itself, by its very nature, is inherently inefficient. It is not a good vehicle for accomplishing things. Why? There is no incentive for a government worker to try to save money or be efficient. Indeed he is more likely to squander resources than to save them. And he is not likely to work any harder than he really needs to. On the other hand, in the case of private ownership, the owner has every reason to make his operation as efficient as possible, to continually look for ways of reducing cost, improving his operation, making it as streamlined as possible. He will stay awake at night trying to think of ways to better compete with competitors and to increase the bottom line. This incentive just doesn’t exist with a government worker.

2. Socialism leads to totalitarianism. With a free enterprise system there can be a minimum of government interference in the affairs of the people. It involves the basic concepts of private ownership and property rights along with a set of ground rules and laws that all must abide by. From this starting point, the market mechanisms of the free market system take care of the problem of supplying the populace with what they want. It is an age-old system, about as old as man himself, and a far more just and fair system than some communist dictatorship that has the presumption and arrogance to reject the concept of personal ownership and property rights and take its citizens’ property away from them and place the property owners themselves into work camps (i.e. work communes). Socialism has developed for itself a very different concept of justice than the one held by Christianity (and essentially all religions of the earth). Individuals have no rights. Only the state has rights. It does whatever it pleases. It is godless and its adherents reject ordinary ideas of justice. They reject the existence of a higher law that they must abide by and proceed to make whatever law they wish and do whatever they wish. The state becomes an ugly prison secured by secret police where everyone is poor; people are not allowed to leave nor to express their mind or to dissent; and children spy on their parents. A depressing state where there is no hope and no dreams.

Communism was experimented with even back in ancient times. Ancient Sparta had a communist type system. In his work “The Republic”, Plato presented a communist type state as the ideal state. This is what Aristotle had to say about this type of system:

Such [communistic] legislation may have a specious appearance of benevolence; men readily listen to it, and are easily induced to believe that in some wonderful manner everybody will become everybody's friend, especially when someone is heard denouncing the evils now existing in states, suits about contracts, convictions for perjury, flatteries of rich men and the like, which are said to arise out of the possession of private property. These evils, however, are due to a very different cause - the wickedness of human nature. Indeed, we see that there is much more quarreling among those who have all things in common, though there are not many of them when compared with the vast numbers who have private property.

the greater the number of owners, the less the respect for common property. People are much more careful of their personal possessions than of those owned communally; they exercise care over common property only in so far as they are personally affected.

I note the phrase above, though there are not many of them when compared with the vast numbers who have private property. Why is it, do you suppose, that private enterprise and the free market system has been the norm in countries around the world for thousands of years and communist type systems have never been popular and never lasted for long? Think about that. Most people with good sense don’t need to try communism in order to know that it is a system they wouldn’t like.

Modern western man thinks he is a little superior to all who have gone before him, that he is highly advanced and on the leading edge of intellect. He greatly deceives himself. He shows great evidence of high intellectual foolishness.

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