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Most of Christianity is apostate and false

I have come to believe that the most of the Christianity in this world is apostate and false. It is composed of a great number of sects and denominations and almost all of them are way off course in one way or another. People go to a church, participate in the worship service, sing along in all the songs, listen to a preacher preach some message representing an apostate, false version of Christianity, believe most of what he says, give money to the church, perhaps become active in the church, and view themselves as Christians. They become programmed robots. They just accept what they are told, don’t detect the falsehoods and the apostasy, don’t detect the error. If they do read the Bible, they do it through the dogmatic lenses of the denomination that they are attending and simply confirm in their own mind what the preacher tells them. I personally think that less than 1% of the people who think they are Christians are really Christians. The rest are self-deceived. They regard themselves as Christians but in reality they are far from true Christianity. And, of course, there are vast numbers of people in the world who are just nominal Christians. They call themselves Christian but aren’t very religious at all and often don’t attend any church. I suspect that much of the population of Europe falls in this category.

Q. Why is it that most Christianity is apostate?

A. Churches try to make themselves appealing to the masses, attractive to the masses, and compromise truth to bring in more people. A church can be likened to a business. If a business gets no customers it will go out of business, cease to exist. It must have customers to survive. A church sells ideas and beliefs. If it has no buyers, it won’t continue to exist. If a church doesn’t attract people there won’t be enough money coming in to pay the minister and keep up the building. A preacher wants a large congregation because he wants to be paid. The church is his livelihood. There is an incentive for him to tell people the kind of things they like to hear and not to tell them the kind of things they don’t want to hear. Thus there are forces present to tempt preachers and church leaders to do that which is expedient instead of what is right, forces tempting them to bend principle for the sake of expediency. Their main priority can easily become to increase membership and attendance rather than presenting the correct, accurate, true message of Christianity. People don’t want to hear about a hell so preachers don’t preach it. People don’t want to hear about the importance of moral straightness, moral purity and chastity in Christianity so they don’t preach it. People don’t want to hear about the importance of self-control, self-discipline, and self-restraint in Christianity so they don’t preach it. People don’t want to hear about the importance of obedience and practice in Christianity so they don’t preach it. In fact, in general, people go to church for an enjoyable social experience, or just because they think they ought to, or from habit, and not because they seek spiritual truth. In fact, they go in pursuit of pleasure, not truth.

In addition to this, true Christianity is a highly personal thing and creating Christians is not something that easily lends itself to mass production (assembly line) techniques. You can’t stamp out Christians the way you stamp out a product on an assembly line. You can use Madison Avenue arts and techniques to create a big church with a large attendance but you can’t use them to create real Christians. Preachers want membership and high attendance. Their main interest is quantity, not quality. Their primary objective is not to help people become real Christians. It is to increase membership. Moreover, most preachers are so far from real Christianity themselves that they don’t know what real Christianity is.


● Churches attempt to make their services appealing, attractive and enjoyable to increase attendance. They do this through enjoyable music, songs, liturgy, ritual, etc. They know that most people are seekers of pleasure (much more than they are seekers of truth) so they try to devise services that give pleasure. People wish to be entertained so they devise services that entertain.

● In Latin America Catholics have religious parades, carnivals, festivities. These are popular with the masses and combine religion with festivity. They popularize religion.

May 2016

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