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The great lie

This country has long been under bombardment by a particular lie. A great big lie. The Devil’s lie. It comes from all directions, from everywhere. Everyone is saying it and repeating it. And it is a lie that destroys. It destroys people morally and spiritually. And it also destroys a great many people physically. The constant repetition of the lie has a brainwashing effect. People become brainwashed into certain assumptions, a certain way of thinking, a certain outlook. And because it is lie and not true, it brings disillusionment, disappointment and unhappiness as all unfulfilled promises do. The lie takes people down a false road and right onto the shoals of life. America is being destroyed by this lie. What is this lie that I am talking about? Well, the lie takes many forms, is said in many different ways, but the basic message of the lie is this: “Sex (or “love”) is everything. Sex is where it is all at. Sex is where happiness is. The basic ingredient of a happy marriage is a good sex life. If you don’t have good sex something is wrong, you are being deprived of the essence of life, you need help. Etc. ” The theme of a great many songs is love. This romanticization of love is really just a romanticization of illicit sex. People spend a lot of money on things like Viagra to improve their sex life. Well, it is all lie. It is an illusion. Sex is not where it is all at. Sex is not a basic ingredient of a good marriage. The basic ingredients of a good marriage are goodness, virtue, morality, integrity, trust and true, honest friendship. The basic secret to happiness in life is virtue and goodness. All this emphasis on sex is a gigantic hang-up of western culture. People make a gigantic mistake in seeking happiness in physical pleasure, whether that pleasure be from sex, eating, drugs, or whatever. That is not where real happiness is. If people were wise, instead of playing up physical pleasure as a source of happiness, they would play down physical pleasure as a source of happiness. If people were wise they would look to God and the Bible and the teachings of Jesus for happiness. Why? Because that is where true happiness is found.

People think happiness is found in experiencing “highs”. People turn to drugs, become addicted to drugs, because of the highs they get from them. In an analogous way they turn to sex, become addicted to sex, because of the highs they get from it. People using drugs often find that the highs they are receiving from the drugs decrease in intensity with continued usage so they increase the dosage or turn to new more potent drugs. In a similar way people find that the highs they are getting from normal, legitimate sex decrease with time so they turn to illegitimate and deviant, perverted, sick forms of sex to increase the amount of pleasure. And, in this way, the great hang-up of the West on pleasure, its hedonistic pursuit of pleasure, leads directly to gross moral depravity.

Apr 2016

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