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What are the chances of finding a good spouse in our society?

What are the chances of a good, decent god-fearing single person finding a good, decent god-fearing spouse in our society? I personally think the chances are very slim. I think it would be near impossible, like looking for a needle in a haystack. That is sad. I feel very sorry for such a person. I think everyone needs a good decent person as help-mate, companion, and friend on his journey through life. It is sad seeing someone having to make his way through life alone. And if one makes a foolish mistake and marries the wrong person, he will surely regret it. No spouse is better than the wrong one. So the question is this: Why is it so hard to find a good, decent, principled, spiritually whole person in our society? It is so hard because the minds of nearly everyone in the society have become so muddled by so much in the way of falsehoods and intellectual foolishness that they are way off course both mentally and spiritually. We live in the land of lie. From the youngest age people are immersed in lie. Children are being given no proper spiritual and moral foundation. They are just not being raised properly, they are not being taught the fundamentals. Part of the reason is that parents are spiritually vacuous and don’t know right from wrong themselves. Science is now king and science questions the truth of everything, even the most time-tested truths and rules for raising children. With all truths being questioned, no-one knows anything for sure anymore. The Bible is no longer the accepted authority. The psychiatrist is now the authority. Laws are even made that forbid physical discipline of children. Foolishness reigns. And at the very bottom of the whole thing is modern liberalism, modern intellectualism, with all its foolish ideas, wrong assumptions and bad logic. That is the source of the lie. The modern leftist thinkers whose ideas have led to all this liberal social legislation of the West have been responsible for just so much that is so wrong and foolish. Liberals just don’t think right. Their brains have been addled by too many books, too much reading. They have become mindless slaves to smooth talk and nice sounding ideology. If you want to listen to a person who has both feet on the ground, who makes good sense, who thinks right, listen to a conservative. Liberals don’t think. They just yell and shout. The western world is sick. And the reason it is sick is the foolish mind of western man. All this anti-discrimination legislation. All the political correctness. It is foolishness. At bottom most people are gullible, unthinking fools. They just follow the crowd and think as they are told to think.

All of this makes one reflect on the value of education. The West places great stress on education. In looking at the world, it seems to me that the more highly educated a country is, the less morals it seems to have. And the less morals people have, the more messed up and less happy they are. A certain level of education may be necessary in helping people function in a society but it doesn’t seem to help them much morally. Children are being given important skills such as the ability to read, write and do arithmetic but, at the same time, they are being taught false, wrong, foolish ideas and outlooks. They give them a very valuable gift but load it with poison. I can tell you that I would personally far prefer to be married to a good, virtuous but illiterate wife than to a highly educated but immoral, bad one.

Mar 2016

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