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Mind of the fop

The man was viewing himself in the mirror. “How very handsome I am!”, he thought. “How elegant!” He was really very, very pleased with himself. His clothes were all the finest; expensive, name brand, of the very latest fashion, bought only at the most expensive stores. He would never, ever consider economizing on clothes — or anything else, for that matter. Only the very best for him! His watch cost him $1500. He was always up to date in everything. Even in his ideas. His views and outlooks were all of the latest fashion. It was all about appearance! Appearance is everything! You have to look good! He always had the latest in cell phones and in everything else. He was a great talker and with words and approach got about everything he wanted. Women just swooned at his feet. His relationships with the opposite sex never lasted long but there was always another woman right around the corner. He was the kind of person who couldn’t even hammer a nail straight and would be above even trying. No menial kinds of work for him! He hired it all done. He did have some problems. Money problems. The balances on his charge accounts were very high and he despaired of ever being able to pay them off. His parents had sent him to a prestigious college that had cost them a lot. He had majored in drama. The degree never did him any good. He was in his 40's and had had an endless string of low paying jobs. Jobs as a waiter at restaurants; jobs as a salesman selling cars, windows, etc.; jobs as a physical fitness instructor. He never kept a job long. He did have some hopes, however. His mother was old and infirm and owned a house that was worth quite a lot. His mind was on that house. He has already tried to get her to take out a loan on the house so he could use some of the money to pay off his credit card debt. She refused but he is now living with her, and hopeful that in the not too distant future the house will be his. His mother, who used to work as a cleaning lady, is missing most of her front upper teeth. He has told her that getting something done about it would be just too expensive, that they can’t afford it (he is now managing her finances).

Mar 2016

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