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Some quotations from Poor Richard’s Almanac

   Philosophy as well as foppery often changes fashion.

   To God we owe fear and love; to our neighbours justice and

   charity; to ourselves prudence and sobriety.

   Keep thou from the Opportunity, and God will keep thee from the


   Against Diseases here, the strongest Fence,

   Is the defensive Virtue, Abstinence.

   Would you live with ease,

     do what you ought,

   not what you please.

   Seek virtue, and of that possess,

     To providence resign the rest.

   Fear to do ill, and you need fear nothing else.

   Life with fools consists in drinking;

     with the wise man, living's thinking.

   How many observe Christ's birthday: How few his precepts!

     O! 'tis easier to keep holidays than commandments.

   Beware, beware; he'll cheat without scruple, who can without


   Not to oversee workmen is to leave them your purse open.

   Content makes poor men rich;

     discontent makes rich men poor.

   If you will not hear and obey reason

   she will surely rap your knuckles.

   Where sense is wanting

   everything is wanting.

   He that best understands the world,

   least likes it.

   Woulds't thou confound thy enemy,

   be good thyself.

   Drink does not drown care,

   but waters it, and makes it grow fast.

   There are three faithful friends ---

   An old wife, an old dog, and ready money.

   Be civil to all

   serviceable to many

   familiar with few,

   friend to one,

   enemy to none.

   Think of three things:

   Whence you came,

   Where you are going,

   And to whom you must account.

   If what most men admire they would despise,

   It would look as if mankind were growing wise.

   All things are easy to industry,

   All things are difficult to sloth.

   The honest man takes pains and then enjoys pleasures;

   The knave takes pleasures and then suffers pains.

   What you would seem to be, be really.

   He that does what he should not

   shall feel what he would not.

   Virtue and a trade are a child's best portion.

   Many a man thinks he is buying pleasure

   when he is really selling himself a slave to it.

   He that has a trade has an estate.

   The learned fool writes his nonsense in better languages than

   the unlearned; but still it is nonsense.

   A learned blockhead is a greater blockhead than an ignorant


   If you would have a faithful servant and one that you like ---

   serve yourself.

   If you would have your business done, go; if not, send.

   Industry gives comfort and plenty and respect.

   God gives all things to industry.

   Vice knows she's ugly, so puts on her Mask.

   A light purse is a heavy Curse.

   A good Man is seldom uneasy, an ill one never easy.

   Plough deep while sluggards sleep and you shall have corn to

   sell and to keep.

   Women and wine, game and deceit

   make the wealth small and the wants great.

Mar 2016

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