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It was the scourge of God.

It was the scourge of God. Western man’s great depravity and wickedness had become so gross, Christianity had become so apostate and corrupt, practice and profession had become so divergent, that God’s patience had finally been exhausted. Great lifeless radioactive expanses stretched on for hundreds of miles along the eastern and western coasts of America. Hundreds of cities lie in silent ruin. In the great nuclear exchange that had occurred, large portions of both America and Europe had been turned into a nuclear wasteland. In addition, the thousands of great hydrogen bombs that had blanketed the various countries had caused hundreds of thousands of tons of radioactive dust to be sucked up into the higher atmosphere. This dust had darkened the skies, shut out the sun, and had circled in the atmosphere for years. As it slowly fell back to the earth in rain and snow, it had been absorbed by the plant life around the earth. And from the plants, it was passed to plant-eating animals, sickening and destroying animal life. The few people who had survived the great exchange were sickly and dying due to radiation poisoning. It was all God’s answer to man’s great shameless depravity.

Feb 2016

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