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The importance of doing those things that you ought to do and doing them promptly

The wise man knows how important it is to do those things that you ought to do — and to do them promply. How very important it is to deal with the problems that life presents to you promptly and not ignore them or procrastinate! There is a saying: A stitch in time saves nine. A great many people cause themselves a lot of mental stress and anguish because they have the habit of ignoring problems or procrastinating in dealing with them. The things needing to be done accumulate, small problems become big problems, and they end up finding themselves facing mountains of problems. Facing these mountains they become disheartened and discouraged. (Perhaps the entire problem starts with laziness. They are un-inclined toward work, too lazy to think and unable to make decisions.) Then they become depressed. On the other hand, the person who habitually does those things he ought to do, energetically deals with each problem of life as he encounters it, is usually of high spirits. Things go well for him. He is always on top of things. To deal with a particular problem, one has to think about it, think about how best to handle it, perhaps investigate a little, perhaps learn a little, and then proceed.

A single woman owns a house. With passing years exterior trim needs to be painted, a roof may need to be replaced, tubs and showers need re-caulking, toilet valves need replacing, maintenance items need attending to. Problems arise. Tubs or showers or roofs may develop a leak. Fences may need repair. Suppose the single lady just ignores a leaking shower. Perhaps she doesn’t know how to fix it and feels she can’t afford to hire someone to fix it. Over years the leak may cause rotting in the floor and floor joists with the consequence that a small problem develops into a really big problem. Other problems come up and are ignored. The house becomes rundown. Then the lady develops some health problems and can’t work. Suddenly she has no money coming in, has no money saved, and can’t make her mortgage payments. She is in a position where she must sell the house and has no money to fix it up. But to get a decent price for it she must fix it up. The other option is to sell it to some “we buy any house” type real estate shark for next to nothing. She doesn’t know how to handle the position she is in, becomes highly stressed and disturbed, and goes into a state of depression. She becomes just unable to make a decision, frozen, unable to act. She won’t sell it and can’t fix it up. It is a problem she just doesn’t know how to handle. So, according to her usual habit, she handles it by procrastinating.

Feb 2016

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