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The great war being carried on against God, Christianity, Morality, Virtue and Goodness

There is a great ongoing war that is being carried out against God, Christianity, and the things that God and Christianity stand for (Morality, Virtue, Goodness, etc.). Who is carrying out this war? It is being carried out by Satan. Satan hates God — and the things God stands for (Morality, Virtue, Goodness, etc.) — with a vengeance and he wages war against them. How does Satan wage this war? He wages it through people. It is his people who carry out his work for him — his followers, people who share his anti-God, anti-Christian, anti-Morality, anti-Virtue, anti-Goodness sentiments and feelings. His own people of his particular outlooks, attitudes, values and sentiments. Satan has been carrying out this war for as long man has lived on this earth. The war has many facets and is carried on at many levels. One level is the intellectual level. He tells people that there is no God and no hell (that a good God would not make a hell). He tries to undermine confidence in the authority of the Bible, confidence in its reliability and trustworthiness. He tries to turn people against God, and those things that God represents, intellectually. We see examples of this kind of intellectual warfare in the atheistic writings of many modern western intellectuals starting with the European political and social philosophers (mainly French) of the 1700's and continuing up through the present day. We see it in the Darwinian challenges to the Bible of the 1800's. We see it in the godless philosophies of moral relativism that came into fashion in the 1970's. But there are Satanic inspired challenges to the Bible on many other levels. The mini-skirts of the 1970's were a challenge to God. Why? Because they were a challenge to His value-system. God is a holy God, a God of moral purity and chastity. He will not accept immorality, impurity. Mini-skirts challenged God and Christianity by attacking a central value of Christianity. They were attacking chastity, decency. Now, much of modern fashion (particularly women’s fashion) is engaged in that great war of the West against God and Christianity. Christianity is about decency, moral purity, Virtue, and Goodness. Much of modern fashion challenges those values. Modest dress is no longer in fashion for women. The fashions all emphasize sexuality and sensuality. In the same way, the musical performances of Elvis Presley during the 1950's (his sexually suggestive antics on stage) were a challenge to Christianity. Now much, if not most, of modern popular music is engaged in that great war that this culture is carrying on against God and Christianity. Its lyrics are filled with themes of lust and promiscuous sex. Its language is ever increasingly filthy and vulgar. It is in high attack mode against Christianity and its values. Satan knows how to turn the heart of man to evil. Likewise, most of modern entertainment in the form of movies, television programs, drama, etc. has for many, many years been in full attack mode against the values of Christianity. Now almost all aspects of our modern culture blast out anti-Christian themes, attitudes, outlooks and values. The anti-Christian spirit and outlook of Satan has engulfed the entire society. We live in a culture obsessed by the indecent, immoral and depraved. The entire culture is at war with God and Christianity. Impurity, licentiousness, and moral degeneracy has engulfed the land. Pornography, lust, fornication and adultery is everywhere. The attitudes, outlooks and values of Christianity have been abandoned. Goodness and Decency are gone. Morality is gone. That knowledge of Right and Wrong is gone. The spirit and outlook of true Christianity is a relic of a bygone age. The West has slowly been transformed into the kind of world that many people want. A dirty, ugly world of mire and filth. Western man has shown himself to be an animal and nothing more. He has proven man’s ability to descend to the very deepest of moral depths.

So, it looks like Satan has won the war in the West. What does that mean? I think it means that Satan is going to have a lot of company in hell. Hell will be teeming with mega-millions. If one believes in the validity and reliability of the Bible, that is the only conclusion one can come to.

Dec 2015

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