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Is there safety in numbers?

People think there is safety in numbers. They think if they stay with the crowd they are safe. They think, “Surely God would not send an entire society to hell! He would certainly not send everyone to hell!” Is that assumption right? No. That assumption is not right. If everyone in a society is wicked, he will send the entire society to hell. Wickedness spreads from person to person like a contagious disease. One rotten apple in a basket can turn the entire basket bad. An entire society can thus become highly wicked. Consider the case of that great ancient wealthy city of Sodom. Before God destroyed Sodom, Abraham pleaded with God to spare it (he was concerned about his nephew Lot who lived there with his family). Abraham said, “If there are 50 righteous people in Sodom will you destroy it?” God said, “No. If there are 50 righteous people in Sodom I will not destroy it.” Abraham then said, “If there are 45 righteous people in Sodom will you destroy it?” God said, “No. If there are 45 righteous people in Sodom I will not destroy it.” This continued until they got down to 10 righteous people in Sodom and God agreed to spare the city if there were 10 righteous people in it. Well, God destroyed ancient Sodom by raining down fire and brimstone on it. Genesis 18, 19. There were presumably not ten righteous people in Sodom. A great and mighty city had become completely wicked in the eyes of God and he destroyed the entire city (Lot was given warning and he and his family escaped). God has absolute standards. Numbers don’t count. The wicked will be damned to hell no matter what their numbers.

The modern western world, under the evil, godless influence of modern liberal leftist thought, has abandoned the Bible. It has abandoned Christianity. It has abandoned God. It is thumbing its nose at God. Its great wickedness and depravity has become just shocking. The Christian West has become a great and mighty Sodom extending its wicked outlooks, attitudes and values through the entire world. That is how I see it all. I find it all very scary. You think about it.

Homosexuality is wickedness of the very highest order. It is that very sin for which God rained down fire and brimstone on Sodom and Gomorrah. It is a sin that God just won’t tolerate. Sodom is mentioned many times throughout the Bible. Always it has the connotation of great and outrageous wickedness, the very height of wickedness. Modern political ideology places the West on a direct collision course with Christianity. The liberal western mind is no longer interested in Truth. It is interested in conformity to its ideology. Everything must bend, including Truth, to its ideology. Ideology trumps all else. In the name of an ideology the West is scorning Reason, it is scorning Sense, it is scorning Truth. Everywhere I see the West, in the name of its foolish ideology (we are talking here about “political correctness”), refusing to admit to the obvious. Where do you think this type of disdain for Reason, Truth and Sense is going to take the West? It will not take it anywhere that is good. Truth always wins in the end and foolishness always loses. The West will pay for its great foolishness. You can be sure of that. A whole lot of people will pay. Pay with their immortal soul.

The West defines its ideology, its outlooks attitudes and values, to be Truth. After all, who is to say what is true and what isn’t? Why should they not define Truth as they wish? Then anything that disagrees with their Truth is false and wrong. Then they enshrine their Truth into law. If you object to their Truth you are in violation of law.

Dec 2015

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