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America, the Land of the Free

The following is from Simon Black of

EVERYTHING in the Land of the Free is regulated. A 90-year old man was even arrested in Florida for-- feeding the homeless. It’s disgusting.

You can't even collect your own rain water anymore, or disconnect from the grid, without incurring the full wrath of the government.

They tell us what we can/cannot put in our bodies. They tell us how we can do business. How to educate our children. How to construct our homes.

They tell us who to hate and who to support. They send our young people to their deaths for the sake of oil profits. They conjure stories of evil men in caves in order to make us afraid and willingly renounce our own liberties.

They send the police out onto the highways to confiscate assets at gunpoint. They arm local law enforcement with assault rifles and armored personnel carriers. They spy, brazenly and unapologetically, on law-abiding citizens. And allies.

They indebt future generations who will not even be born for decades. They erode the value of the savings that so many of us work hard to produce for the benefit of a wealthy banking elite. Then they tax what little is left over and blow it all on bombs, drones, and excessively expensive welfare programs that keep them in power.

Everyone knows that something isn't right, they just don't know exactly what that something is. And they certainly don't know what to do about it.

The thing is, it's not the world that's on a downward spiral, it's just certain parts of the world that are.

And people feel "trapped" for one reason:

They feel trapped because of what they don't know.

They don't know how to stop being sitting ducks of a government who will do anything to sustain its crumbling empire...

They don't know how simple it is to protect the lifestyle and assets they've worked so hard to create...

And they certainly don't know how to obtain residency and "escape" to one of the many areas across the globe where they could enjoy a far better lifestyle than the one they currently have.

Sept 2015

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