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A depraved, dissolute, sick society given over to lust and sex. America.

It was a depraved, dissolute society. A deeply sick society. It had abandoned God, abandoned Christianity and its outlooks and values, and had given itself over to sin, to high sin. Given itself over to the pursuit of carnal pleasure. More specifically and most of all it had acquired a fixation on lust and sex — and all of the myriad types of sexual perversion. It glamorized lust and sex, romanticized it, eulogized it. It pursued promiscuous sex, free sex, wanton sex. Morality, Chastity, Goodness and God? It had forsaken them, scorned them. It hated the ideas. It followed with great ardor all the ways of Satan. Self-indulgent, pleasure oriented, selfish, greedy, devoid of all morals, it despised Goodness and extolled the ways of Wickedness. Godless, unable to believe in any god, it created its own rules of conduct. It set up for itself its own religion. And in this new religion (from the reference point of the Bible) Good was Evil and Evil was Good, Right was Wrong and Wrong was Right. It had set up for itself the Devil’s religion, the inverse of Christianity. In its sympathies it was friend to the Wicked, enemy to the Good. It hated God and it hated his followers. It railed against bias, prejudice and discrimination. It was greatly incensed by these things. What was it talking about? It was talking about the bias of the righteous against immorality and wickedness. That kind of bias was simply not to be tolerated in this new, advanced, “enlightened” society. Bigotry, it said, would not be tolerated. Who was it referring to? It was referring to the righteous and God-fearing. They were bigots. Their bigotry would not be tolerated. It didn’t hate all bias and discrimination. It didn’t hate the bias and discrimination of the Wicked against the Good. It only hated the bias and discrimination of the Good against the Wicked. In their eyes moral, clean, upright people were really evil because they would not accept the immoral conduct of the Wicked.

They passed laws against bias and discrimination. They passed laws designed to trap and punish the righteous and God-fearing, laws to destroy anyone who had the courage to stand up for Goodness and Morality.

The enlightened were now in power and they would create and fashion a new society where all would be forced to follow in their “enlightened” values and outlooks. Dissidents would be dealt with severely.

The godless start out with a seemingly self-evident basic assumption such as “If it doesn’t hurt anyone, it is OK.” From this basic assumption they conclude that promiscuity is OK, fornication is OK, homosexuality and all kinds of sexual perversions are OK, pornography is OK, etc. and end up living lives that are, from the perspective of the Bible, highly wicked (What they have done is rationalized doing all the things they really want to do). But things don’t stop here. They then say to themselves, “If others do bad to me, don’t I have a right to strike back?” So they acquire the habit of striking back. Others do damage to them and they do damage back. Then they progress to the next question. They say, “Why should I have any qualms about hurting others?” Are not most people selfish, malicious, unprincipled animals anyway? What kind of treatment do most people really deserve? So, backed up by this rationale, they proceed to lie, deceive, slander, cheat, steal, plunder, rape, and murder. From the perspective of the unbelieving, the person who doesn’t believe in a god or a hereafter, why should he have any qualms about hurting others? Thus we arrive at totally unprincipled behavior. By this means we arrive at the society that we have today. A society totally without principle. Devoid of all sexual principle and devoid of all integrity. Wolves are everywhere, all around you, all with plundering on their minds, wherever you go. It is almost impossible to find an honest man. Whether you are talking about plumbers, roofers, auto mechanics, dentists, doctors, lawyers, etc. the story is the same. The top priority of everyone is acquiring money and they don’t care a bit about how they do it. A roofer discovers he can charge a person $250 for doing a job (e.g. replacing a roof vent-pipe flashing) that takes him 15 minutes to do and ought to cost less than $50. He learns he can get away with charging such an outrageous price, that most people won’t even suspect what is going on. The temptation is just too great and he starts doing it. It is very easy money! It is like taking candy from a child! Other roofers start discovering what he is doing and start doing the same thing. Soon it is near impossible to find anyone who will do the job at a fair, reasonable price. They are all so spoiled by their ability to get easy money that they are just not interested in working at honest prices.

How does a God-fearing man talk to a man who doesn’t believe in a God? Talking to such a person is totally useless. If you quote scripture to him, it bounces off him like water off a duck’s back. He doesn’t accept your assumptions. He doesn’t accept your authority. He is not receptive to the kind of truth found in the Bible. He doesn’t want to hear it. He will only listen to the kind of things he wants to hear. What is happening here? Sin separates one from God. It creates a wall between an individual and God. You sin and then you come to rationalize sin. Satan pulls a veil over your eyes. You become blind to spiritual truth. By sinning you go against the truth within you (your natural knowledge of right and wrong - your conscience). Your mind then plays tricks on you and you become blinded to Goodness and Truth.

Aug 2015

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