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The importance of the right life habits to leading the straight, clean life that Christianity requires

The right life habits are very important to leading the Christian life. Like what kinds of life habits am I talking about? Let me list some:


          total abstinence in regard to drinking alcohol or using drugs (i.e. don’t do it ever)

          a strict life policy of not dancing

          a life habit of never using any blasphemy, profanity or low language

          total abstinence from gambling

          a life rule of never doing anyone any bad (don’t do harm to others)

If a person comes to a point in his life in which he determines within himself that he wants to be a Christian and follow God’s way (as taught to us by Jesus), I would say the one most important thing he should do is to commit himself to a life of total abstinence from alcohol. Why? Because alcohol is a big door to sin, especially the sin of sexual immorality. Stay away from that door. If one lives a life of total abstinence from alcohol he automatically eliminates from his life 99% of situations of a certain kind. What type situation am I speaking of? Situations which present temptations for fornication or adultery. Drink presents a setting for temptation, an easy road to sin. It is much easier to lead a Christian life if you are not being exposed to temptations. Avoid alcohol. Avoid all drinking type partying situations. Avoid bars. Non-drinkers don’t go to bars and taverns. Bars, taverns and dance halls are halls of sin. There are many great proverbs on alcohol:

            Drink injures a man externally, internally and eternally.

            Satan's palace --- the gin palace.

            Drunkenness turns a man out of himself, and leaves a beast in his room.

            Strong drink is the devil's way to man, and man's way to the devil.

            A drinking dame --- a sight of shame!

            When women consume gin, gin soon consumes them.

            Drink no wine and you'll not drink too much.


Drunkenness takes away the man, and leaves only the brute; it dethrones reason from its seat; stupefies conscience; ruins health; wastes property; covers the wrench with rags; reduces wife and children to want and beggary, and gives such power to appetite that physically as well as morally, it is next to impossible to cure it.

See On Drink.  Drinking a small amount of alcohol may not be a sin in itself, but it is highly imprudent if you wish to lead a Christian life. The way to go is not moderation in drinking, but total abstinence. A moderation policy easily leads to a “creeping” phenomenon. Moderate drinking can imperceptibly creep into excess drinking.

On the other hand, if you wish to engage in fornication or adultery, the best place you can go is to a bar or a drinking party. If you want to be a Christian you must understand that your lifestyle is going to be dramatically different from that of the world. It means you must understand that you must rearrange your life, commit to a new way of living. If you desire to be a Christian you must examine your lifestyle and make changes where needed. Examine your friendships. Don’t socialize with people who will pull you down, pull you in bad directions.

Aug 2015

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