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The anti-Christian climate in America today

Def. Prejudice. 1. A judgment or opinion formed beforehand or without thoughtful examination of the pertinent facts, issues, or judgments; especially, an unfavorable, irrational opinion. 2. The act or state of holding preconceived, irrational opinions. 3. Hatred of or dislike for a particular group, race, religion, etc.

Def. Bias. A mental tendency, preference, or prejudice.

Def. Bigot. 1. One whose attitude or behavior expresses intolerance, as because of race, religion, politics, etc. 2. A narrow-minded, intolerant adherent of a particular religion.

                                                                                                Funk & Wagnalls Dictionary

There is a strong anti-Christian climate in America today. It is palpable. It is everywhere. You feel it in the air. There is just a whole lot of hatred of Christians in this country. It is coming from all directions — and from the highest levels, middle levels, and the lowest levels of the society. Christians are being called names, hissed at, booed, ganged up on, abused. If a Christian dares to speak up, he is shouted down from every direction. People pile on him, cut him to ribbons. If someone steps up to defend him, he is cut down. If one stands up for Christian values, he loses his job. There is just a huge portion of the society that hates Christians. Why? Why does it hate Christians so much? What are the accusations against them? Well, they are called biased, prejudiced bigots. And they are accused of discrimination. Are these accusations true? Are Christians prejudiced bigots? It is true that Christians strongly disapprove of certain kinds of conduct. They are opposed to murder, stealing, adultery, fornication, homosexuality and many other types of conduct. If one reads the Bible one learns that God is also very much biased against these things (in fact he holds a hell in waiting for people who engage in these kinds of conduct). Is a Christian a bigot? Does strong disapproval of high wickedness constitute bigotry? If it does, then God is a bigot of bigots. The Christian is accused of “prejudice”. Does the Christian’s disapproval of these kinds of conduct fall under the category of “a judgment or opinion formed beforehand without thoughtful examination of the pertinent facts, an irrational opinion”. Is prejudice the correct word? Is it a fair accusation? Christians are accused of discrimination. Is being selective in regard to the people you do business with in life wrong? Should one feel some moral obligation to go against his good sense or conscience and deal with objectionable characters such as a thieves or murderers or con artists? Or homosexuals? A homosexual will argue that there is nothing wrong with homosexual conduct and bias against him is unfair. However, any person who knows right from wrong, whether he be Hindu, Moslem, Buddhist, Confucian, or whatever will not agree with him. The homosexual is, in fact, morally perverted. He is morally sick. Homosexual sex is high sin.

The liberals throw around a lot of harsh, emotion-laden accusations. They try to tag Christians with all kinds of ugly labels. They call Christians haters. I strongly disapprove of murder. Does that mean that I carry a general hatred toward murderers? I don’t think that is a fair conclusion — or a fair accusation. Is it fair to label Christians as haters just because they view homosexuality as high sin? I don’t think it is fair to accuse the Christians of hatred. But I will tell you who can be honestly termed haters. It is the liberals. They are haters. They are just filled with venom and hatred. Hatred for Christians. And with all that hatred comes high dishonesty — dishonesty in language. All these accusations are, of course, meant to influence the masses, turn the masses against Christians. Sadly, the masses are gullible unthinking sheep, easily influenced by such ugly, dishonest language. The bad people of this society are not the Christians. The bad people are the liberals.

So everyone is piling on the Christian. Why? What are their reasons? There are no legitimate reasons. In fact, the masses don’t think. They can’t really give intelligent reasons. They just hate. They just shout and call names. They just repeat what everyone is saying. They have been indoctrinated, brainwashed, into a particular outlook — the liberal, anti-Christian ideology and outlook. And if they are in a crowd that is shouting obscenities at some Christian who has had the courage to stand up for what he feels is right, they are emboldened and shout the obscenities also. Everybody is ganging up on the Christian. The Christian is being bullied, shouted down everywhere. And with the urging and instigation of the government. It seems like the entire society has turned against him. The government, Hollywood, all the big celebrities, the captains of industry, big company executives everywhere, the mass media, many liberal churches, everyone. And this entire anti-Christian parade is headed by all the liberals, the homosexuals, and the people who are sympathetic toward homosexuality. What is really behind all this? How do you understand it? Let me suggest an answer: America has sold herself to Satan. She is now dancing to his tune. Satan hates God, Jesus Christ, Christianity, virtue, goodness and all that God stands for. The spirit of Satan has taken over America and all the obscenities are coming from his mouth. America is a Sodom. She is wicked. She has been taken over by a spirit of Evil.

Modern liberalism and Christianity are just not compatible. Christianity and America’s modern political correctness don’t mix. Christianity is about Truth. Modern liberalism is abut Lie.

Apr 2015

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