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The land of lie

It is a land of lie. Lies saturate the air, invading every corner, leaving nothing untouched. Loud speakers blare them forth wherever you go. You can’t escape them. They keep playing in your ears. Lie, repeated lie. Falsehood, repeated falsehood. Truth? It is outlawed. You can’t speak it. It is not permitted. Powerful forces keep up the constant din of Falsehood and Lie — and, by intimidation, keep Truth from being uttered. Speak the truth and you are shouted down from every direction. You lose your job. Or you get sued. Children are indoctrinated in moral falsehood, wickedness and lie from the earliest age. Evil rules. Truth has receded into the background, unseen. Truth is no longer heard.

The masses? They are mindless sheep. They believe the lies. They love the lies. They dance to the lies as if hypnotized, singing them, repeating them over and over. Falsehood and lie is the fashion. Truth is out. Lie is in. No one, not anyone, will now touch Truth or have anything to do with it.

The fountain of truth, Christianity, has been muted. It has been tampered with. It has been altered so that it too now issues forth the lies.

Goodness, chastity and virtue have disappeared from the land. Depravity and perversion are now king.

The Wicked rule. They have a monopoly. The holders of power are all in agreement. They legislate Wickedness and Evil. They legislate against Goodness and Truth. They legislate laws making speaking Truth illegal. The land is the new Sodom where the Depraved shamelessly strut the streets and the Good cower in corners. The court system is evil, raising up the Wicked and bashing down the Good. The Wicked are empowered and the Good are oppressed.

That great fountain of Truth, Christianity, has been supplanted in the land. Supplanted by the lie of modern liberalism, secular humanism. Supplanted by atheism. The liberals have won. They have perverted and morally destroyed a great land.

Secular humanism. The new religion of America. Indeed, the new religion of the whole Christian world!

What can the Good and Righteous do? How does one live life in such a grossly depraved, wicked land? How does one earn a living without bending to the will of the Wicked? Without selling one’s soul to Satan?

Mar 2015

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