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Our society has created a new religion with a great hatred for God and Christianity

Our society has created for itself a new religion. By the axioms, assumptions, and outlooks of this new religion, Christianity (true Christianity) is evil, the Bible is evil, and the God of the Bible is evil. Why do I say this? The core of the message of Jesus, Christianity, and the Bible is: “Repent of your sin, reform, and live a clean, straight, chaste, moral life. If you don’t repent and reform, the punishment is eternal hell.” What is sin? What are the sins men should repent of and turn from? Among the most important ones, are the sexual sins: fornication, adultery and homosexuality. It is not surprising that the majority of people in our society would not like to hear this message. Those are the sins that define it. High sin is their world, the way they live. By their assumptions and outlooks, anyone who is not tolerant of their ways is a biased bigot. He is a bad person. He is a malignancy in the society. Thus, using their logic, their assumption that intolerance is a great sin, we must deduce that God is a bigot and an evil being. By their outlooks, those people who follow in God’s ways, live by his teachings, (the true Christians) are bigots and evil people. The devotees of this new religion hate Christians (true Christians), Christianity, the Bible, and the God of the Bible with a passion. You can see and feel the hatred in the publicized statements they make and passions they show. According to them Christians (true Christians) are bigots and that is the worst kind of moral crime. Christians (true Christians) are not needed or wanted. They should just disappear. All the time now, one hears in the news angry, hate-filled public denunciations of the Christian. Their hatred is powerful. If anyone stands up for Biblical views, he is piled upon publicly by people from all directions ---- important political figures, Hollywood actors, the press, etc. No one stands up for the Christian. From listening to the news, one would get the idea that everyone hates the Christian. The mass media always presents the homosexual as the “good guy” and the anti-gay Christian as the “bad guy”. The Christian is never, ever pictured favorably. No one says anything good about him. The great bias, prejudice, hatred and universality of it all is amazing, consistent and shocking. One has to wonder if the whole thing is orchestrated. Everyone in the society seems to be piling onto the pro-homosexual / anti-Christian bandwagon. Being pro-homosexual, anti-Christian is the in-thing now, the new fashion. The leaders of our society are leading the march and everyone is lining up behind them. We are in the New Age. The pro-homosexual / anti-Christian age. The Christian is some person out of the mainstream, some radical, a canker in the society. It does remind me of what Jesus had to say about the end times: “You will be hated of all men for my names’s sake.” Matt 10:22.

If bias and intolerance is wrong in and of itself, then these people are just as guilty of that as anyone else. The real problem that these people have is that they are at odds with God. They hate God and Virtue and Goodness and the things that God represents. And because of this they also hate themselves and you can’t get away from that.

It is true that God is very much biased against sin. There is no doubt about that. If that is your definition of a bigot, then he is a bigot.

There is a being who hates God, Christianity, Goodness and Virtue with a passion. His name is Satan. The anti-Christian passions that I hear around me sound very much like those of Satan.

Mar 2014

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