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Two ways: The way of the world and God’s way

With what is now going on in this country in regard to the acceptance of homosexuality and homosexual marriage, I have come to the realization that, to an extent far greater than I had previously realized, Americans have mostly degenerated into depraved animals. They have lost their morality, they have lost their sense of right and wrong, they have become animals. And it is not just Americans. The same thing has happened in Europe. It has happened in the entire western (Christian) world. From the heads of state to the professors in the colleges to the factory workers, it has happened to them all. The western world has abandoned Christianity and this is what has happened to it. People have deteriorated into animals. And in this I see a big object lesson. It is this: If you follow the outlooks, attitudes and values of the world around you, if you listen to the authorities of the world that you are immersed in, if you trust those ideas and influences impinging on all of us, you will end up a depraved animal. That is where it will take you. That is where the outlooks and assumptions of modern liberalism will take you. On the other hand, if you read the Bible and listen to what it has to say, if you do what it says and repent of sin and turn away from it, if you obey the teachings of Jesus and Christianity, and live a clean, virtuous, good life you will become a saint. It is that simple. If you honestly and seriously follow God and do what he wants, you will become a saint. Anyone can do it. It is all in the will to do it. If you follow the way of this world, you will become a depraved animal and you will not have a happy life. A depraved animal does not like himself. You will end up with a wrecked, messed up, lonely life. And the Bible teaches that depraved animals will go to an eternal hell. So not only will you have wasted that little time you have here on earth and ended up with nothing, you will reap damnation in the life to come. On the other hand, if you follow God’s way of morality (moral purity), goodness and virtue, you will like yourself and be happy in this life and reap heaven in the life to come. For an intelligent, rational person, the choice would be very simple. If you are a wise person, the choice is very simple. But people are not rational creatures. And they are not wise creatures. They are fools.

Feb 2014

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