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The primary focus of Christianity should be on obedience

The primary focus of Christianity should be on the importance of loving God and being obedient to him. It is that simple. Christianity is simple, not complicated. One obeys God by focusing on the teachings of Jesus and trying to implement them in his life. Jesus taught peacefulness, forgiveness, patience, humility, truthfulness, morality, chastity, treating others fairly and justly, not doing wrong to others, helping the poor and needy, etc. Model your conduct after Jesus. The reality and power of Christianity lies in its practice.

Distrust preachers, churches, and denominations. Distrust complicated theology and dogma. Distrust religious cant, great sounding slogans, and simplistic formulas. You cannot mass produce Christians by formulas and ritualistic practice. True Christianity is a very personal thing. It is about a personal love of God and a life of faith that results in clean, upright, godly living. Cut and dried formulas, ritualistic routines, etc. are not Christianity and, unaccompanied by true faith and practice, are a road to hell.

Preachers, churches and denominations are very dangerous. They will take you down the wrong road, brainwash you, mess up your mind. Stay away from them. Read the Bible and keep Common Sense as your constant companion.

Distrust theologians. Distrust the mind of man. Eggheaded men are very capable of engaging in complicated and obscure arguments that produce high error and great foolishness. With great and complicated arguments and much complicated terminology they prove that two plus two equals five. Theological schools mass produce ministers with programmed minds, minds that have been shaped and bent to some particular erroneous dogma and belief system.


Oct 2013

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