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America is a godless ideological state that tells its people how they must think, feel and act

I live in a godless, atheistic, ideological state that has had the arrogance and presumption to set itself up as a moral authority with the right to tell people how they must feel, think and act. First it was all about bias and discrimination against Jews. Bias against Jews became a great social crime. It became a great crime to suggest, say, or even think anything derogatory about Jews. All of the power and influence of the Jews in our society, political and financial, was brought to bear to manipulate and shape public opinion. That was the first strike against freedom of thought and speech in America. Then the focus turned to blacks. It became a state crime to discriminate in any way against blacks. Laws were passed by Congress. Discrimination against blacks could result in law suits and punishment. That was the second strike against freedom of thought, expression and conduct. After that the focus turned to women. It became illegal to discriminate against women. That was the third strike against freedom of thought, expression and conduct here in America. Then after all the attention to women, the focus turned to the homosexuals. It became a crime to discriminate against homosexuals. Bias against homosexuals became politically incorrect and socially unacceptable. In all this the state has shown that it is able to manipulate the outlooks, beliefs and feelings of the masses. It is able to indoctrinate, intimidate, bully and mold people’s minds. It is able to establish new social mores. And in all this it has found itself in a position of direct conflict with the laws of the Most High God. It has replaced God, made itself a god. It is atheistic and acknowledges no god but itself.

There is a great victim in all this. What is it? The victim is Truth. Truth is no longer the objective. Truth is no longer king. Questioning, examining and thinking are no longer wanted. Inquiry and thought may lead to unacceptable conclusions. Many questions are just not allowed. You are just not permitted to ask them. What is wanted is not Truth, but obedience to the new state religion. Followers are what is wanted. The constitution of the country guarantees freedom of speech and expression but that is just words on paper. When the guarantees of the constitution are in conflict with laws enacted by the state, the law rules.

What is behind it all? Liberalism, socialism. Secular humanism. The onward march of godless humanism. A march toward tyranny and slavery.

Apr 2013

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