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Homosexuality, sin of sins

In the country of Gema murder is socially acceptable and carries no social stigma. People walk down the street and witness a murder taking place and think nothing of it. Children murder their parents. Parents murder their children. Employees murder their bosses. People talk about it but think little of it. It is a violent country. Seeing someone’s throat being slit is commonplace. It produces no strong feelings. How do you describe a culture in which the people are so desensitized to moral outrage that they feel nothing? A culture where morally shocking conduct is socially acceptable and commonplace?

In the Biblical outlook homosexuality is the sin of sins, the very epitome of gross wickedness. It is the sin that so outraged God that he rained down fire and brimstone on Sodom and Gomorrah, annihilating them. In the Bible the names Sodom and Gomorrah are synonymous with gross wickedness. In modern America homosexuality is being represented, upon the authority of modern psychiatry, as perfectly acceptable conduct, no sin at all. God has stated that it is gross sin and the liberal intellectual elite of America has had the temerity to confront God, to contradict Him, and to declare that that great sin of the Bible is no sin at all but perfectly OK. The homosexuals, apostate Christianity, and godless humanists have so indoctrinated and brainwashed our population, so duped it, that that great sin of sins of the Bible has now become socially acceptable. Many Christian churches are now ordaining homosexuals as ministers. How shocking! How gross! And things have now gotten to the point where both the president and vice president of our country have come out in favor of homosexual marriage. Most Democrats support the homosexuals in their agenda and the Republicans mostly just won’t talk about it. Almost no politician really stands up for the Biblical position. In my greatest pessimism I would never have believed that America would ever sink to a depth this low in moral degeneracy. I find the current situation hard to believe. It is beyond my mind. I think it interesting that it is the greatest sin of all by Biblical standards, the Biblical example of the most gross wickedness, in which the modern liberal has decided to confront God, the Bible and Christianity. That great country - America - has now evolved into a great center of moral depravity, a world center of that great sin of sins, homosexuality! America, that wealthy country, that most powerful country in the world, who is projecting her strength and influence to all corners of the world, has come to also represent shocking moral depravity and wickedness. I feel deeply troubled to find myself living in such a country.


The fact that such a large percentage of people who regard themselves as Christians in America condone homosexuality shows better than anything else the gigantic distance Christianity in America has gotten from the Christianity of the New Testament (i.e. the Christianity of the early Christians). It shows the gross apostasy in so much of American Christianity. You are not a Christian just because you think you are a Christian or call yourself a Christian. You are a Christian to the extent to which you reflect the outlooks, attitudes, values and conduct found in the gospels and epistles of the New Testament.


May 2012

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