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The way of sin is the natural way. God’s way is an unnatural way.

Sin comes naturally to all of us. An inclination towards it is built in at birth. Children at a very young age can experience such feelings as jealousy, envy, malice, selfishness, pride, laziness, etc. Indeed, animals (dogs for example) also display such feelings as jealousy, malice, etc. They also show an inclination towards at least some kinds of sin. We are all naturally inclined toward sin.

So if we are born with certain natural tendencies, why fight them? If we are born inclined in a certain way, how can the way be wrong? If we are all born with a natural inclination towards lust and sexual promiscuity, how can such conduct be wrong? Why fight it? Why fight nature? Dogs and other animals are promiscuous. They are just following their biological urges. Why should one fight a natural, biological urge? Who is to say what is right and wrong anyway? Who has the authority to say that one kind of conduct is right and another kind is wrong? If a person doesn’t really believe in a God (as is the case with a great many people today), this is a natural question to ask. Who is anyone to say that a particular kind of conduct is wrong (especially if the behavior is one we are all naturally inclined toward)? This is a reasonable question. Let us consider the question further. We are all naturally inclined towards selfishness, towards grabbing all we can for ourselves, towards taking the biggest and best piece of meat in the pot, the largest piece of pie, etc. Is there anything wrong with that? We are all naturally inclined toward laziness. Why not just be lazy? Why work? If we are all naturally inclined towards lying and stealing, why not lie and steal? Well, over the ages men inclined towards thought and reflection, men who have acquired a reputation for being wise, have taught ways that are completely opposite the ways that are natural. Thought and reflection has led many men to contend that many of our natural tendencies are not good, that another unnatural way is better. Thoughtful men have understood that behaviors that are simply natural lead into a great deal of ugliness, misery and badness. They have observed that a home where all the natural behaviors hold sway becomes a hell-hole of evil.

The way taught by Jesus Christ, the way taught by the Bible, is not a way that comes naturally. It is an unnatural way. It is a way, however, that is close to the way taught by many wise men through the ages. It is in fact very closely connected to the way indicated by Reason, Wisdom, Conscience and Understanding. Jesus claimed to be God in human flesh, that he was sent by God, that he came down to earth from heaven. He claimed that his mind was the mind of God, that his attitudes, outlooks and values were those of God himself. He taught that his teachings were the way to heaven and that the natural way of man leads to an eternal hell. He taught a life philosophy centering on peaceableness, avoidance of argument, meekness, humility, forgiveness, righteousness, moral purity, love of God, love of neighbor, faith, concern for the needy and afflicted, self-denial, service. The following of the way taught by Jesus requires seriousness, commitment and self-discipline. It is not the easy way. It is the hard way.

We live in a godless society dominated by the voices of modern liberalism, secular humanism, atheism, agnosticism; by intellectual foolishness, spiritual error, Satanic deception. Satanic lie is everywhere, deluding the masses. We are all under constant bombardment of moral and spiritual lie with spiritual truth almost nowhere to be seen. Christian apostasy is everywhere. True Christianity is hard to find. True followers of Christ are hard to find. We live in a self-indulgent, pleasure-seeking, immoral society that likes ease and comfort; a society that goes for convenience food, fast food, magic pills, quick and easy solutions; a society not much inclined towards the following of hard ways.

Do you seek spiritual truth, my friend? My advice is: Go to the source book. Go to the Bible. Don’t go to “Christian literature”. Don’t go to churches or ministers. Go to the Bible. Don’t trust those purporting to tell you what Christianity is. Go to the source book. Know this: To find spiritual truth you must earnestly seek it.

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Apr 2012

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