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How does one serve the Lord?

   Religious people often speak of "serving the Lord".  What do 
   they mean?  What do they have in mind?  It can be a trite 
   phrase of religious cant.  I suggest the following deep 
   thought.  It is so simple that it may never occur to many 
   people.  How does one serve the Lord?  We serve him by doing 
   those things we know we should do, those things that conscience 
   requires, and not doing those things which conscience says we 
   shouldn't do.  In other words, we serve God by living right.   
   How do we know what we should and shouldn't do?  We know that 
   from the Bible.  The Bible tells us how we should behave, what 
   we should and shouldn't do.  We serve God by obeying him, 
   following his instructions.  Jesus told us how we should live, 
   how we should conduct ourselves in life.  We live by his 
   teachings.  Treat your neighbor right.  Don't cheat him.  Don't 
   rip him off.  Don't plunder him.  Treat him decently and with 
   respect.  Treat him as you would wish to be treated.  Speak the 
   truth.  Don't lie.  Live an upright, moral, godly life.  Be 
   humble.  Avoid argument and contention.  Seek peace.

   Some people habitually act as they know they should act, live 
   by their conscience, live by a higher law, regardless of what 
   lower impulse or temptation might suggest.  There are other 
   people who do only as they wish, only what they want to do.  
   They let base impulse and inclination determine their conduct 
   instead of Reason and knowledge of right and wrong.  They 
   excuse and rationalize their conduct, bend and pervert truth to 
   conform to their own perverse inclinations.  They follow ways 
   of foolishness and badness and justify their conduct with bent, 
   dishonest logic.

   Feb 2011 

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