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America has fallen into a great night. The light of Christianity has receded and the darkness of Satan has fallen over the land.

   America has become overcome by darkness.  It has fallen into a 
   great spiritual night.  Its populace has become duped, 
   corrupted and morally blinded.  It no longer knows right from 
   wrong.  The extent to which gross immorality is practiced, 
   condoned and accepted shows the depth of the spiritual darkness 
   into which the land has descended.  What are we talking about?  
   What immorality?  We are talking about the huge amounts of 
   fornication, cohabitation, and adultery that exist in the land.  
   And now, to top even all that, is that great sin of sins, that 
   great depravity, homosexuality, that exists so pervasively 
   within the society and is being so widely accepted.  The 
   prevalent permissive attitudes existing within the society on 
   these kinds of behavior show the depths of the great, dark 
   moral abyss into which it has fallen.  Statistics show the 
   great moral breakdown.  Seventy two percent of black mothers 
   are now unwed, 53 percent of Hispanic mothers are now unwed and 
   29 percent of white mothers are now unwed.  How has this 
   happened?  It has happened because such conduct is now condoned 
   and accepted.  The stigma that used to be attached to such 
   conduct is gone.  We live in a society in love with sin and 
   immorality, a shameless society addicted to Wickedness, a 
   society that has lost its soul;  a society deceived, duped and 
   blinded by that great deceiver, that great proponent and 
   champion of Evil and Wickedness, Satan.  What a country is is 
   what its people are.  And the people of America have lost 
   their way.  The light of Christianity has receded and the 
   darkness of Satan has taken over the land.  The land has 
   descended into spiritual night.  That which calls itself 
   Christianity has been so twisted, polluted and compromised that 
   it is no longer Christianity.  True Christianity has been 
   overpowered by the darkness of the land and, for the most part, 
   extinguished.  Only a faintly flickering light remains, a light 
   nearly gone out.  
   America has followed Western Europe into a great moral, 
   spiritual and intellectual night.  Darkness has fallen upon 
   that mighty West that God so blessed for so long.  What 
   happened?  What caused this?  How could such a thing have 
   happened?  Can one name a cause?  Yes, one can name a cause.  
   One single evil agent is responsible for all this.  One Satanic 
   agent brought about this great moral collapse.  What was this 
   agent?  The agent was a set of beliefs, philosophies, outlooks 
   and attitudes that go under the name of "liberalism".  It was 
   this intellectual movement, these atheistic, anti-God outlooks 
   and philosophies, that wrought this great work.  
   Sin, wickedness, immorality, degeneracy brings its 
   consequences.  The West will not escape those consequences.  
   The West has turned its back on God.  There will certainly be 
   consequences to this.  And they will not be pretty. 

   Nov 2010

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