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The truth about slavery

   There has been talk in some liberal circles of making the 
   white man make reparations to the black man for injustices 
   done in the past in regard to slavery.  What?  I couldn't 
   believe my ears the first time I heard this.  The liberal 
   thought coming out of our universities has become so degenerate 
   as to be hard to believe.  There has been a lot of anti-white 
   bias and hate in it for a number of years now.  Whites have 
   been represented as bad guys, responsible for great wrongs.  
   What are the facts concerning slavery?

   If you read the second book of Chronicles in the Old Testament 
   you learn that the peoples back in those days were often at 
   war.  There was war after war after war.  Often several kings 
   would get together and go to war against a particular nation.  
   Armies of many hundreds of thousands would come against each 
   other.  And how would a war end?  Sometimes the conqueror 
   simply slaughtered all of the enemy.  At other times he would 
   be merciful and simply enslave them.  He might take the better 
   looking women for wives or concubines, enslave the rest of the 
   population ---  and then haul off huge amounts of plunder.  To 
   the victor went the spoils.   They weren't regulated by any 
   rules of war like our rules of the Geneva Convention.  A 
   soldier back then could fight encouraged by visions of payment 
   in plunder and slaves if his side won.  Men would die in the 
   tens of thousands.  I would guess that the real reason for most 
   of the wars was simple greed.  A powerful king would demand 
   payments from his weaker neighbors just as modern gangsters 
   demand protection money from businessmen.  If they didn't 
   comply he went to war against them, took them hostage, enslaved 
   them, and took their wealth for himself.  It is a story of the 
   strong using their strength to plunder the weak and is a story 
   that is probably as old as man himself.  In later centuries the 
   story is repeated in the Vikings and their raids on the coasts 
   of Europe.  As a consequence of all this, slavery was a way of 
   life, a fact of life, in the ancient world.  It was a fact of 
   life in Greek and Roman times.  Large portions of the 
   populations were slaves and no-one gave a lot of thought to the 
   fact.  In the days of Rome it is quite possible that three 
   quarters of the population may have been slaves.  The origin of 
   slavery probably goes back about as far as man himself.  And 
   slavery still exists today in some Islamic countries.  It is 
   not completely extinguished yet.  And there is some logic in 
   support of slavery.  If you enslave an enemy he can't later 
   rise up against you.  So what caused the demise of slavery?  I 
   would suggest the answer is the Christian religion --- that it 
   was the Christian outlook, mentality and conscience that ended 
   it.  It was the white Anglo-Saxon Christian who started 
   questioning the morality of it, the rightness of it.  And that 
   happened only a couple hundred years ago.  A very recent event 
   in the ages-long history of slavery.  I would think that the 
   black man would be thanking the white Anglo-Saxon Christian for 
   ending the practice, that he would be building monuments to him 
   for this deed.  But what has happened?  Modern liberal hate-
   mongers have railed against the white man, accusing him of all 
   kinds of social crime.  They have tried to make him out a 
   criminal, tried to put him on a guilt-trip.  And now all the 
   rhetoric has reached the point of demanding reparations from 
   whites for the actions of some of their distant ancestors.  
   That is the kind of gratitude the white man has received for 
   his action in stopping slavery.  And here we have an example of 
   the kind of twisted, contorted, dishonest, emotion-laden 
   illogic of modern intellectualism.

   July 2010 


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