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The greatest and best happiness

   Where does one find the greatest and best happiness?  I think 
   the greatest and best happiness is found in a relationship.  
   What relationship?  The quiet, spiritual bond between the 
   right kind of man and the right kind of woman joined in 
   marriage.  What kind of man and what kind of woman?  The 
   simple, honest, humble, good, caring, god-fearing man and the 
   same kind of woman.  The lifelong companionship of those two 
   kinds of people gives the greatest and best happiness.  I don't 
   think anything can beat that for providing happiness.  The 
   sweet companionship of that kind of union just gets better with 
   the years.  It is friendship at its highest level.  There is 
   nothing to compare with it. 

   I have a simple, gentle, good, kind, caring, decent, chaste
   wife.  She doesn't have a malicious bone in her body.  I have 
   never seen malice in her.  She means everything in the world to 
   me.  I would never find another like her in a million years.  I 
   thank God every day for her.  

   We all need somebody, a helpmate, a companion in life.  But we 
   only achieve the greatest happiness if we are the right kind of 
   person and our mate is the right kind of person.

   Jan 2010

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