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How about the children?

   The children.  How about the children?  How can any child grow 
   up today in America and escape becoming morally ruined by the 
   decadent, deeply corrupting culture in which he is engulfed?  
   How can any child survive that gauntlet of moral lie that 
   bombards him from birth and maintain his moral integrity?  I 
   ask myself that question.  I don't personally believe that very 
   many do.  I think sooner or later almost all succumb and go the 
   way of immorality and wickedness.  The corrupting forces and 
   influences of our culture are so powerful that the likelihood 
   of a particular child resisting them is just very small.  My 
   pessimism on this point is confirmed by all the statistics.  
   The statistics on youth promiscuity, illegitimate births, drug 
   use, alcohol use, cohabitation, teen crime, etc.  And it is 
   confirmed by the personal stories that come to me regarding 
   sons and daughters of people I know.  Stories of youth on 
   drugs, youth soliciting sex via the internet, youth 
   prostituting themselves, etc.  There is no innocence any more 
   among children in this country.  That is all something from a 
   bygone age.  The reason is obvious.  There is all the 
   corrupting influence of television and Hollywood.  There is the 
   internet with all that pornography available with just a few 
   strokes on the keypad.  There is all that peer pressure.  There 
   are all those sex education classes breaking down those moral 
   inhibitions and desensitizing the children to lewdness and 
   immorality.  There is all that authority ---  government, the 
   school system, the psychiatrists and psychologists, even many 
   ministers --- telling him that a wickedness as gross as 
   homosexuality is not wrong at all but, instead, perfectly OK 
   (and not only is it perfectly OK, but the bad people are those 
   who say it is wrong).  And with all these voices of lie and 
   misinformation impinging upon him, the child never hears the 
   truth.  The truth is just nowhere to be heard.  We live in a 
   country where the masses have been so indoctrinated in liberal 
   lie, Satanic lie, that it is just socially unacceptable to 
   speak the truth.  Speaking obvious truth is just taboo.  Most 
   people just aren't willing to do it.  Fear of what people might 
   think of them keeps their mouths closed. It is just politically 
   incorrect to speak the truth about a great many things in this 
   country and very few have the courage to speak up.  How can 
   things get so bad in a society that morality becomes totally 
   inverted, where wrong becomes right and right becomes wrong?  
   How can an entire population become so duped, so deceived by 
   obvious lie?  Well, the answer to that lies in repetition.  
   When any lie is repeated often enough and loud enough people 
   will believe it.  Even if it is against all reason and 
   evidence, even it conflicts with what they can see with their 
   own eyes, they will still believe it.  Everyone else believes 
   it so it must be true.  That is the basis on which they believe 
   it and they are not willing to believe anything else because 
   they are not willing to go against the crowd.  If adults are 
   duped by all the liberal lie, what do you think will happen to 
   children? The truth is in the Bible but a very large portion of 
   our ministers are perverted themselves and twist the Bible and 
   preach some twisted, corrupted, apostate version of it.  A 
   great many children don't hear Biblical truth and even if they 
   do there are so many powerful forces and pressures and lies 
   pulling them away from it that they end up going down the wrong 

   We live in a morally corrupt society and this is what a morally 
   corrupt society does.  It perverts the youth.  Then as time 
   passes the older generations die off and are replaced by the 
   generations of the morally perverted.  And what is the effect 
   of that?  It has an impact on trust, confidence and 
   interpersonal relationships within the society.  It means you 
   can't trust strangers.  It would be nice if when one meets 
   someone new he could believe he might be a good person of 
   integrity, a person he might respect and trust.  But in a 
   corrupt society, for any particular person we might meet, the 
   statistical odds are that he is as perverted as the society 
   itself, that he is not a person to be trusted.  So, unless we 
   have solid evidence to the contrary, the only sensible 
   assumption we can make is one calling for caution and deep 
   skepticism.  I am very happy that I am not a young single 
   person out looking for a good, chaste, decent spouse in today's 
   America.  I am afraid it would be a long, long futile quest. 

   I am reminded of a conversation that took place between God and 
   Abraham after God told Abraham he was going to destroy Sodom.  
   Abraham, out of concern for Lot and his family (who lived in 
   Sodom), asked God, "Would you also destroy the righteous with 
   the wicked? Suppose there are fifty righteous people within the 
   city?  Would you spare it for fifty righteous?"  God said, "If 
   I find fifty righteous people in the city, I will spare it."  
   Abraham then asked if he would spare it for forty five 
   righteous people and God said he would.  Abraham then asked if 
   he would spare it for forty righteous people and God said he 
   would.  This continued and they got down to ten righteous 
   people and God told Abraham he would spare it for ten righteous 
   people.  Well, there were apparently not even ten righteous 
   people in Sodom because God destroyed it, raining fire and 
   brimstone down from heaven.  How can a rich and powerful city 
   become so thoroughly corrupt that there do not remain even ten 
   righteous people in it?  Well, moral rot is contagious.  It 
   spreads.  And if you wish to corrupt a country it is best to 
   start with the children of the country.  The sin of Sodom was 
   homosexuality.  Homosexuals go for the children.  They convert 
   the children over first.  They just love children.  Homosexuals 
   have a lot of power and political influence here in America and 
   they are extending their influence and message into our 
   schools, going for our children.  

   Dec 2009

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