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Stay away from these demons: Pride, Anger, Hatred, Lust, Envy and Jealousy

   Stay away from these fellows.  They will do you bad.  They are 
   nasty.  What fellows are these that I speak of?  What are their 
   names? Their names are Pride, Anger, Hatred, Lust, Envy and 
   Jealousy.  These guys will just love getting hold of you.  And 
   once they get their hold and establish possession, they will 
   not be easy to get rid of.  They will hang right on.  They will 
   hang on like demons from hell.  You will probably never be able 
   to get rid of them.  They will own you and you will serve them.  
   And they are hard taskmasters.  And what harm will they do you?  
   They will destroy your mind.  They will destroy your spirit.   
   They will destroy you. "What do you mean?", do you say.  Well, 
   I mean they will destroy your mental health, take you down the 
   paths of mental illness.  These demons will take over your 
   calm, objective, healthy mind, impose their own perverted, 
   twisted thought patterns, and lead your mind into all kinds of 
   foolishness.  They will warp and muddle your thought processes, 
   impair your judgment, deceive you, trick you, and ruin you.  
   They will link up together and take you down roads you don't 
   want to go, roads of despair.  They will destroy the most 
   important possession you have: the healthy, well-balanced, 
   properly functioning mind. 

   A person is confused and unhappy.  But he doesn't understand 
   why.  Something is terribly wrong with him but he doesn't know 
   the cause.  He is all mixed up emotionally.  He is seeing a 
   psychiatrist.  He feels like he is in a trap he can't get out 
   of.  He tries to think his way out of the problem, to analyze 
   his way out.  But his mind just goes in circles, becomes hung up 
   on the problem, becomes obsessed by the problem.  And that just 
   creates another problem.  He is like a fly caught in a spider's 
   web, frantically obsessed with trying to get free.  What has 
   happened is one or more of the above demons has taken 
   possession of him and is wreaking havoc.

   Pride may be there doing its thing, but you don't see it, just 
   like you don't see the nose on your face.  Anger may be there 
   and you know it is there, but you don't think much about that.  
   That anger is well justified.  You know that.  Hate may be 
   there but you don't think much about that either.  It is also 
   well justified. 

   No one with deep emotional problems can see the causes.  You 
   have to be free of the problems and see them from the distance 
   of time to understand them.  If the problem is pride you won't 
   see it.  To see it you must become free of the pride and see 
   it all from the perspective of a humble mind.  Only then 
   can you see it.  If the problem is anger you won't see it.  To 
   see it you must be free of the anger and view it from the 
   perspective of a mind free of anger.

   Dec 2009

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